Is NPower Registration Out for 2023: How Fake Npower Recruitment Website is defrauding Nigerian Youths

As a result of the high level of unemployment in the country, many youths are in search of ways of making a living amidst the adverse situation.

Some youths are leveraging on the Npower programme to wait for an employment opportunity which would enable them advance in a meaningful career.

The Npower Programme, established in 2016 by the Buhari Adminstration, empowers unemployed youths with N30,000 Monthly Stipend for certain period of time, usually 1-2 years.

The programme being a work and earn strategy of the Federal Government also equips the Npower beneficiaries with requisite skills which prepare them for the labour market, while still earning the N30,000 Monthly Stipend.

Current statistics shows that over 1 million youths have benefited from the Npower Programme since 2016 till date. This has made Npower a popular language among Nigerian Youths, especially unemployed youths mainly young graduates and non-graduates.

However, Fraudsters have found the Npower Programme as an avenue through which they can vie for preys. They develop strategies which are mostly replica of the government programmes, in order to defraud unsuspecting victims of their Money.

While Myinfoclock Daily Info Update has reported several of such fraudulent efforts in the past, the most recent is the advertisement of Npower 2023 Registration termed "Npower Batch D", which in all ramification is a handiwork of Fraudsters.

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This has triggered several questions among the curious youths who are asking questions such as, is NPower registration out for 2023?, is NPower Batch D registration ongoing?

Without mincing words, Npower registration is not out for 2023 and there is no ongoing NPower Batch D registration officially from the Federal Government.

However, a fraudulent Website https://npower-fmhds-gov-ng.web.app has claimed that there is an ongoing Npower Batch D Registration, which is false.

The fraudulent Website instigates the victims, who are mainly youths seeking to participate in the Federal Government Npower Programme, to fill in their essential information through the weblink, pay N1,200 with their Bank Cards or Online Transfer, for an online Examination before they can get their Deployment Letters.

Opening the fraudulent Website, the message below displays immediately:

"Attention! All Applicants must take their Examination before they can get their Deployment Letters."

The intent of the Website, asides being a schematic way of phishing the victims essential information such as Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, House Address, is also a way of compelling the victims to pay the compulsory N1,200 Examination fee with their Bank Debit Cards or Transfer, as a prerequisite for getting Deployment Letters.

The Fraudster secures victims' essential information as well as details of their Bank Debit Card information.

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Our Investigation reveals that many youths are already victims of this on going fraud, as many victims are speaking out through their social groups, knowing fully well that they have been scammed.

Meanwhile, the WHOIS information of the fraudulent Website is encrypted. The Registrar hid essential information and faked other visible information. 

This publication serves to alert the public that Npower registration is not out for 2023 and there is no ongoing NPower Batch D registration officially advertised or approved by the Federal Government.

There is only one Batch of Npower Programme whose beneficiaries are still in the programme, and that is Npower Batch C Stream 2.

The current official Website for the Npower Programme is https://nasims.gov.ng.

Until the 490,000 beneficiaries of the Batch C Stream 2 finish their 1 year Npower Programme in September 2023, no other Batch can be recruited into the Npower Programme.

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  1. Thank u. I almost fell victim but when they request payment I felt something is wrong. .


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