Download Official NDLEA Final List for Training 2023 PDF, NDLEA Training Date, 2023 NDLEA Training Requirements

Download Official NDLEA Final List for Training 2023, NDLEA Training Date, 2023 NDLEA Training Requirements

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has officially released the final lists of successful candidates for the 2023 recruitment exercise for Narcotic Officer and Narcotic Assistant cadres for 2023 NDLEA Training.

The agency's Director of Media and Advocacy, Femi Babafemi, NDLEA National Headquarters Abuja made the announcement on the release of the NDLEA final list for training 2023 pdf on Sunday. This followed the conclusion of the NDLEA Recruitment 2023.

According to Babafemi, the underlisted successful candidates are therefore to report for Narcotic Officers Basic (Cadet) training at the NDLEA Academy, Kotton Rikus, Jos Plateau State, while the Narcotic Agent/Assistant (Trainees) will report for their training at the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) College of Peace and Disaster Management, KM 4 Babbar-Ruga Batsari Road, Katsina State.

All successful candidates are to report for training at their respective designated centres according to their groupings and on dates assigned to their groups.

The 2023 NDLEA Training begins on 27th July, 2023 for Superintendent Cadre (Narcotic Officers) and on 12th August, 2023 for Narcotic Assistant (NA & NASS) Cadre. Kindly follow the serial number arrangement below.


Successful candidates whose names are listed on the published list on the Agency’s website at www.ndlea.gov.ng should report for training in order of groups specified below:

a. Superintendent Cadre (Narcotic Officers) to Report at NDLEA Academy Kotton Rikus Jos Plateau State

(1) Group 1. Serial Number 1-400 (Thursday 27th July, 2023).

(2) Group 2. Serial Number 401-800 (Friday 28th July, 2023).

(3) Group 3. Serial Number 801-1,200 (Saturday 29th July, 2023).

(4) Group 4. Serial Number 1,201-1,600 (Monday 31st July, 2023).

(5) Group 5. Serial Number 1,601-2,000 (Tuesday 1st August, 2023).

(6) Group 6. Serial Number 2,001-2,428 (Wednesday 2nd August, 2023).

b. Narcotic Assistant (NA & NASS) Cadre to Report at NSCDC College of Peace and Disaster Management – KM 4 Babbar-Ruga Batsari Road, Katsina.

(1) Group 1.   Serial Number 1-400 (Saturday 12th August, 2023).

(2) Group 2.  Serial Number 401-800 (Monday 14th August, 2023).

(3) Group 3. Serial Number 801-1,200 (Tuesday 15th August, 2023).

(4) Group 4. Serial Number 1,201-1,600 (Wednesday 16th August, 2023).

(5) Group 5. Serial Number 1,601-2,000 (Thursday 17th August, 2023).

(6) Group 6.  Serial Number 2,001-2,415 (Friday 18th August, 2023).


 3. All successful candidates (narcotic officers and assistants) are to report for training with the following:

(i) Original and photocopy of credentials to include National Identification Number (NIN) and print out of NDLEA online application reference slip.

(ii) Four copies of recent colour passport photograph without cap/hat.

(iii) Writing materials to include biro, pencils, ruler, notebooks, and file jackets.

(iv) Three pairs of white (unmarked) round neck vests and navy-blue shorts (without tripes).

(v) Two pairs of white and black socks.

(vi) Two pairs of pure black canvas trainers (rubber type NOT acceptable).

(vii) Two white bed sheets and pillow cases.

(viii) Two black trousers and white long sleeve shirts.

(ix) One blanket (grey or army green colour).

(x) Two pairs of national dress or suit and casual wears with shoes.

(xi) Bucket, cutlasses and brooms to be purchased on arrival.

(xii) Some pocket money and toiletries.

(xiii) Mosquito net.

4. Successful candidates who fail to report by 6pm on Wednesday 2nd August 2023 for Superintendent (Supt) Cadre and Friday 18th August 2023 for Narcotic Assistant (NA and NASS) Cadre will be disqualified.

5. Female candidates who are pregnant would not be allowed to join the training.

6. Candidates are to note that Drug Integrity Test and pregnancy test (for female candidates) would be conducted at various times during the training.  Consequently, Candidates who test positive would be immediately withdrawn from training.

Understanding the NDLEA Training

The 2023 NDLEA Training begins on 27th July, 2023 for Superintendent Cadre (Narcotic Officers) and on 12th August, 2023 for Narcotic Assistant (NA & NASS) Cadre.

The NDLEA training program is a rigorous process designed to equip selected candidates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset required to carry out the agency's crucial mission effectively. The training program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of drug enforcement, including investigation techniques, intelligence gathering, surveillance, legal frameworks, and the ethical responsibilities of an NDLEA officer.

By joining the NDLEA training program, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, undergo practical exercises, and develop a strong foundation in combating drug-related crimes. The program not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes physical fitness and mental resilience, as these qualities are essential for a successful career in law enforcement.

The Importance of Downloading the NDLEA Final List for Training 2023

Once the NDLEA recruitment process concludes, the agency releases the final list of candidates selected for training. We wish to announce to  thousands of applicants who have put in their time, effort, and dedication to pursue a career in drug law enforcement that the Final List for NDLEA Recruitment 2023 has been officially released.

Downloading the NDLEA Final List for Training 2023 holds tremendous significance for the following reasons:

1. Confirmation of selection: The final list provides candidates with confirmation of their selection for the training program. It brings a sense of accomplishment and excitement, validating their hard work and commitment throughout the application process.

2. Preparation and planning: Downloading the final list enables candidates to begin preparing themselves mentally and physically for the upcoming training. It allows them to organize their personal and professional affairs, ensuring a smooth transition into the training program.

3. Connectivity and networking: As the final list has been released, candidates can connect with fellow trainees who share similar aspirations. This creates a network of support and camaraderie among individuals who will be embarking on the same journey, providing a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and experiences.

Steps to Download the NDLEA Final List for Training 2023

For Quick Download of the NDLEA Final List For Training 2023

Superintendent Cadre can download the NDLEA Final List for Training 2023 here https://t.ly/CrhDs

Narcotic Cadre can download the NDLEA Final List for Training 2023 here https://t.ly/raj-B


1. Visit the official NDLEA website: Access the official website of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency https://ndlea.gov.ng.

2. Look for the "News and Event" section: Navigate through the website to find the dedicated section for NDLEA-related News and Information.

3. Find the Training 2023 announcement: Look for the specific announcement or notice regarding the release of the final list for training in 2023. It is highlighted prominently on the website's News and Event section.

4. Click on the download link: Once you locate the announcement, click on the provided link to download the final list. The list is available in PDF  which ensuring ease of access and compatibility with various devices.

5. Check your name: Open the downloaded file and search for your name or the unique identifier you were provided during the application process.

6. Follow the instructions: The final list contain additional instructions or requirements that selected candidates need to fulfill. Read through the document carefully to understand the next steps and any documents you may need to provide. Such requirements and Instruction are covered here also.

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