Npower Batch C2 Payment, Batch C1 August Stipend Payment Update

Two months into the Batch C2 Npower Programme, the beneficiaries have withered in hope, with many wondering if the Batch C2 Npower Programme is still existing.

It is on this note that we at Myinfoclock Daily Info Update bring to you this latest update on Npower Batch C2 Payment, When Batch C2 Stipend Payment will Commence, Npower Batch C2 Stipend Payment Date, Npower Batch C2 October, November Stipend Payment and Npower Batch C1 August Stipend Payment.

It is official that Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries resumed work on 4th October 2022, and by the end of November 2022 were expecting two months Stipends of October and November, 2022.

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) while responding to an enquiry, confirmed that Batch C2 Stipend Payment would commence soon.

All hope was built on the Stipend payment commencing between the first week and second week of December 2022.


However, the Npower management responding to beneficiaries' enquiries through the official Npower Handle, today, stated that Batch C2 Stipend Payment would commence immediately after deployment process is concluded.

According to the Npower Management, some States are yet to complete the Npower Batch C2 Deployment Process. Example of such State is Lagos State.

The Npower Management stated that Deployment is currently ongoing for the beneficiaries yet to be deployed, hence, such beneficiaries should watch out their NASIMS Dashboards for deployment details.

Hope is however not lost. The Npower Management has assured that all Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, who have been successfully deployed, must recieve all their accrued Stipends.

With the recent online activities of the Npower Management, it is evident that Batch C2 Npower Depolyment would be concluded very soon, and Batch C2 Stipend Payment would commence before 25th December 2022.

Speaking on the Batch C1 August Stipend for the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries yet to recieve the August Stipend, the Npower management noted that it has commenced payment of the outstanding August Stipend, and paymemt other Outstanding Stipends owed to the affected Batch C1 beneficiaries.

Some of the affected Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries have confirmed to have recieved the August Stipend Payment, and other Outstanding Stipends today.

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