Npower Batch C2 Deployment News: Correct List of Npower Focal Persons and Contact Details

The Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries have been periled by their inability to locate the Npower Focal Person in their States for signing of their Deployment Letters as instructed by NASIMS.

A Focal Person is an Individual in a State, usually a high-profiled Civil Servant, who has been appointed by the Governor of a State to oversea the implementation of the National Social Investment Programme in a State.

Appointment of a State Focal Person is done using the guidelines stipulated by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development which assure capability and credibility of such an individual.

We have earlier made a Publication stating the easy way a beneficiary of the Batch C2 Npower Programme can locate the Office of the Npower Focal Person in his/her State.

In order to ease the stress of wasting money going to and fro in the Secretariat, for signing of the Batch C2 Deployment Letters, we have compiled a full list of the Npower Focal Persons in the 36 States and FCT.

The Full List of the Npower Focal Persons also contains their Phone Numbers as stated below:

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