Npower Batch C Stream 2 Update: Graduate or Non Graduate Npower beneficiary, confusion trails Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification

While the Npower Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification Exercise has entered into its 4th Day, many shortlisted applicants of the Batch C Stream 2 Npower Programme has been thrown into a State of Six and Seven.

It then becomes pertinent to explain some terms used in the Npower Programme and address issues that may deny some shortlisted applicants the opportunity of pertaing in the Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification.

Graduate and Non Graduate Category, Qualification identified as Graduate or Non Graduate

The Npower Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification exercise currently ongoing is for Graduate Categories of the Npower programme.

If you are expecting to see your Phyical Verification Venue in your Profile at www.nasims.gov.ng, you need to know if you are in the Graduate or Non-Graduate Category of the Batch C Npower Programme.

In Npower Terminology, Graduate Categories are N-Teach, N-Health and N-Agro.

The Qualification for any of these categories include NCE, ND, HND, BSC, B.ED, B.ENG and Above. It also include the JCHEW and SCHEW as in the case N-Health Category.

A shortlisted Applicant who applied under any of these Categories, with any of these qualifications, is eligible for the Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification.

An Npower beneficiary under the Graduate Category is paid N30,000 for 12 Months, according to the design of the Batch C Npower Programme. 

Again, in the Npower Terminology, Non-Graduate Categories are the N-Build, N-Creative, N-Software etc.

The Qualification minimum qualification here is the First School Leaving Certificate (FLSC).

In the Batch C Npower Programme, N-Agro was extended to Nigerians with very lower qualifications such as SSCE. This is to enhance the development of Agriculture in the grace root level and enhance the achievement of President Mohammedu Buhari's vision of uplifting 100 Million Nigerians out of Poverty. These set of applicants are under the Non-Graduate category also.

A shortlisted applicant who applied for the Non-Graduate Category with a higher qualification, e.g B.SC, B.ED, or NCE, ND, HND as the case may be, is in the Non-Graduate category and not eligible for the Batch C Stream 2 Physical Verification ongoing.

Shortlisted Applicants in the Non-Graduate Categories are verified in the Camp during their 3 months compulsory in-house training.

Non-Graduate Npower beneficiaries are paid N10,000 for 9 Months. 3 month in-house training and 6 months apprenticeship training with partnering establishments. They are also equipped with working tools such as Department related tool box, Laptops, depending on the chosen sub-category.

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Who is an Npower Beneficiary?

An Npower beneficiary is a Nigerian Youth between the ages of 18 - 35 years who applied for the Npower Programme, was shortlisted and successfully passed through Npower Engagement processes such as Biometric Enrolment, Physical Verification, and has resumed work upon Deployement to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

The definition above aims at explaining the sudden change of Status recently observed by the applicants of the Batch C Npower Programme in their NASIMS Profiles.

Some shortlisted applicant's Status changed to "Beneficiary" while some didn't.

Even some yet-to-be shortlisted applicants began to see "Shortlisted" under the "Overview" section and "Applicant" under the "Verification" section of their NASIMS Profiles.

As at this stage of Physical Verification, all these Changes do not matter. Go and do your Physical Verification and be Deployed. Once you are getting alert, all these don't matter.

The changes are System errors which resulted from the Updates currently being made on the NASIMS Portal. Kindly ignore for now. It will be fixed.

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