Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF Loan) Latest Update Today 13th April 2022 | NYIF Disbursement 2022 | NYIF News 2022

In Today's Nigeria Youth Investment Fund  (NYIF Loan) Latest Update 13th April 2022, NYIF Disbursement 2022, NYIF News 2022, we are bringing great news and hope to the applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund also known as NYIF Loan.

Many youths lost interest in the N75 Billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund purportedly because of the slow pace in the implementation of the Programme or because of other programmes which failed to attain their desired objectives.

However, in what we described as a twist in our NYIF Loan update on 5th April 2022, the new partnership between the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and the NPF Microfinance Bank, which has not been explained to the public, has yielded huge result just in few days.

In our 1st April 2022 NYIF Loan Update, we alerted trained applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund that the emails and text messages sent to them, informing them that their loans have been approved by the NPF Microfinance Bank were not Fake or Scam as they mistook it.

Contained in the emails and text messages sent to the trained applicants of the NYIF Loan were directives issued to the NYIF applicants who have gotten approvals for the NYIF Loan amounts between N250,000 to N1 million, to open a bank account with the NPF Microfinance Bank. 

Just on 12th April 2022, we made another NYIF Loan Update which informed the trained applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund especially applicants who recieved messages for their loan Approval, that the NPF Microfinance Bank requested filling of an form online, download and sign Offer letters, which will be followed by the NYIF Loan Disbursement. 

In Toady's NYIF Loan Update, we are glad to break the news that the NPF Microfinance Bank has commenced disbursement of the NYIF Loan to the benefiviaries who adhered to the instructions issued by the bank.

Here are evidence of payments recieved by the Beneficiaries of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund as part of the NYIF Loan disbursement 2022, which will continue to reach out to numerous applicants of the loan Scheme.

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