NYIF Loan Update Today 12th April 2022: NPF Microfinance Bank issues New directives| nyif news 2022 | nyif disbursement 2022

In furtherance to the disbursement of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF Loan) to the recently approved beneficiaries by the NPF Microfinance Bank, the bank has issued new directives to the beneficiaries. 

As contained in a new e-mail being sent to the beneficiaries by the bank, NPF Microfinance Bank has requested that the beneficiaries follow the directives therein to complete an Online form, download and sign Offer letter, which will be followed by the disbursement of the NYIF Loan upon completion of the process.

For the avoidance of doubt and prevention of the fraud, here is a sample of the authentic mail being sent to the beneficiaries which should be immediately acted on, to avoid disqualification from the NYIF Loan Programme:

As a currently approved beneficiary of the NYIF Loan Programme, check your e-mail inboxes including your Spam inbox as frequently as possible.

Kindly note that the current e-mail is being sent to applicants whose NYIF Loan have been approved by the NPF Microfinance Bank and have accepted their Loan offers.

Recall that NPF Microfinance had recently approved NYIF Loan amounts of N250,000 - N1million for each of the trained applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund and requested that they accept the offer through a mail dispatched to them.

In a recent development, the NPF Microfinance Bank contacted the beneficiaries whose NYIF Loan have been approved but did not accept it, inquiring through an online form if they still wish to accept or reject the loan offer.

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  1. Pls sir! The email you provided to send the completed offer form is no longer accepting new message as a result of too many messages congestion. If I send the message it will bounce back (postmaster)
    Pls what can I do??

    1. Please can I get the offer form through my email abdulrahamantao@gmail.com , I tried to download it through the link sent to my email but it was not going through

    2. Same thing here too, showing (Postmaster) memory is full, try to contact the receiver directly

    3. How did you try downloading it? Instructions were clearly given in that mail, that if you're having issues clicking to download the form, you should copy the link, paste in your browser's address-bar, and hit (press) the "enter" button on your keyboard, and the form will be immediately downloaded to your device. Please, do this, and you shouldn't have any issues, because thousands of beneficiaries have already sent-in their letters.

    4. No worries. We're working on this, and it will be resolved shortly. Please, be patient with us.

  2. Please Sir what about people they sent massage before that you have been pre- seleted. Till now I not hear anything again

  3. Sir please the mail is still congested. We can't send in our filled offer letter

  4. I can't download the offer letter and if i try send message to the provided email its failed, showing me too many congested email on the recipient side. Please help


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