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In the NEXIT Loan, NEXIT Loan Training, NEXIT Loan Training Date and NEXIT Loan Disbursement Date Update Today 3rd March 2022, we wish to douse panic and invigorate hope among the exited Batch A and B Npower beneficiaries who felt disappointed as February ended without the commencement of the NEXIT Loan Training.

The reality is, preparation for the NEXIT Loan Training is ongoing and the NEXIT Loan Training will only last for "One Week". It is not a "two weeks" or "one month" training as such would take longer time.

Recall that the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk, disclosed that before the end of March 2022 (First Quarter of 2022), the exited Npower beneficiaries who indicated interest for the NEXIT Loan, would have been trained and Loan amounts disbursed to them to as a financial boost to enable them establish or expand their businesses.

The minister in her statement during a weekly ministerial briefing organised by the presidential media team on Thursday said her Ministry has gone far in preparations to ensure the exited Npower beneficiaries are Trained and Loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria disbursed to them.

Farouk had earlier disclosed that the disbursement of the NEXIT Loan will be based on CBN criteria and regulated by rules guiding its intervention loan programmes. This means that the Central Bank of Nigeria will develop the "Frame work" for the NEXIT Loan Duration, Interest Rate, Moratorium and eligibility criteria. 

The NEXIT Loan amount is between N250,000 - N3million as obtainable in the CBN Intervention Loan Programmes such as AGSMEIS Loan, COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility Loan, and the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Loan Scheme, and as loan, it is repayable with interest.

Farouk had further noted that out of the 500,000 Exited Npower beneficiaries, 300,000 will benefit from the CBN Intervention Loan Programme after the forthcoming Vocational Training (NEXIT Loan Training) being organised by the Ministry.

Why are only 300,000 Exited Npower beneficiaries eligible for the NEXIT Loan Training and/or disbursement?

According to the Minister, about 109,000 beneficiaries said they have established businesses with the savings realised from their N30,000 stipends. This is based on the data generated during an Npower impact assessment programmed organised by Afolabi Imoukuede when the beneficiaries were asked to make a video of how Npower had changed their lives, in order to stand a chance of wining N1million.

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The rest did not succeed in registering through the NEXIT Loan application Portal and as such, for now, ineligible for the NEXIT Loan Training or NEXIT Loan Disbursement. 

The Ministry may however reconsider reopening the NEXIT Loan Registration portal for the sake of this set of beneficiaries. 

For now, patience is highly demanded from the beneficiaries. March has just started and good things are being cooked.

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  1. Good morning. Pls i have not received my December stipend. Pls kindly send mine.
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    Name: Eze Cosmas Chinedu
    Account Number: 0002283068

  2. I have not received my December Stipend too mine is showing transaction failed

  3. Hello ma, This NEXIT loan i have interest in it, but I don't know how to go about it, i seriously need to upgrade my business.

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  5. Pls sir I am one of the npower member batch A I try all it take to register for the loan but I lost the glo number I use in registering the npower for long but now I make use of 9mobile line what do I need to do pls I need your help thanks sir

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