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In the Today's NEXIT Loan Training Update, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has intensified efforts to conduct the NEXIT Loan Training before the end of March 2022.

Recall that the Minister, Sadiya Umar Farouk, had stated that before the end of March 2022, (1st Quarter of 2022), the exited Npower beneficiaries would have completed the NEXIT Loan Training and the NEXIT Loan issued to the beneficiaries, as her ministry collaborates the Central Bank of Nigeria for the issuance of the NEXIT Loan.

In furtherance to the NEXIT Loan Training and in a bid to actualise the Npower exit strategy, the ministry has reached agreement with Entrepreneurship Development Institutes ( EDI) for the conduct of the NEXIT Loan Training across States of the Federation.  

The EDIs have started notifying exited Npower  beneficiaries in States such as Akwaibom, Kano and Ondo for the NEXIT Loan Training, starting largely that the NEXIT Loan Training Date will be from 14th - 18th March, 2022.

However, NEXIT Loan Training Date may differ across the States of the federation depending on the schedule of the EDIs in the States, but for the achievement of purpose, NEXIT Loan Training may not spill over to second quarter of 2022, for the first batch, while NEXIT Loan Disbursement is very likely to spill over to the second quarter of 2022.

Due to the abundance of fraud and fraudulent activities, many of the exited Npower Beneficiaries who received Emails for the NEXIT Loan Training have mistaken the NEXIT Loan Training Invitation to a Fraudulent message.  

While caution is advised, the emails received by the exited beneficiaries are not outrightly fraud related. If doubt pessist, the exited Npower beneficiaries, who wish to visit their EDI prior to the scheduled NEXIT Loan Training commencement date for the particular EDI, may choose to go in group.

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian affairs, Disaster management and Social Development will also before the commencement of the NEXIT Loan Training, publish the names of its partnering Entrepreneurship Development Institutes for the prevention of dubious intentions.

Though Akwaibom, Kano, Ondo and Osun have pioneered the sending of the NEXIT Loan Training Invitation, other disengaged Npower beneficiaries in other States should keep checking their email addresses and Text Messages as frequently as possible. They should also be checking the 'Spam' inbox in case it gets in there.

All the disengaged Npower beneficiaries who are in the first batch of the NEXIT Loan Training, and declared their availability for the NEXIT Loan Training,  will be sent the NEXIT Loan Training Invitation through their Npower Registered Email and/or Npower Registered Phone Number.

The NEXIT Loan remains an exited strategies for the transition of Npower beneficiaries at the end of their duration in the Npower programme.

NEXIT (N-EXIT) Loan was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide soft Loan amounts between N250,000 to N3million to enable the exited beneficiaries proceed in a business enterprise after a compulsory NEXIT Loan Training at the end of the Npower programme. 

NEXIT is beginning with the Batch A and B Npower beneficiaries but will, according to the Ministry, be extended to the Batch C of the Npower programme.

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