Npower Stipend Payment: Clearing Outstanding Stipends suffers set back in January

The Payment of the 3-4 months outstanding Stipends owed to the beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower programme has suffered set back following the pause of the Payment on Thursday, 5th January 2022.

According to the National Social Investment Management System  (NASIMS), the reason for pausing the Npower Stipend payment was to rectify underlining issues which has prevented the bank accounts of the Npower beneficiaries from being credited by their specific financial institutions.  

The Npower Management however stated that it will recommence the payment of the beneficiaries at a shortest possible time, which by connotative interpretation, is not definite or a fixed date - because 2 weeks is shorter than a months and a month shorter than 3 months.

The outstanding Stipends for the Npower beneficiaries are for the months of October, November and December, and to some Npower beneficiaries, September is still unpaid in addition to the other three months.

Considering the processing circle for the Paymemt of the Npower Stipends to the beneficiaries, one wonders if the 3-4 Months outstanding Stipends can be cleared within the month of January, 2022.

Also spinning in the mind of a critical thinker is if the decision of NASIMS to pay the outstanding Stipends one after the other, would obviously give room for the Backlogs to be cleared within the month of January, 2022.

While there are outstanding payment for the month of September, October, November and December, January is also drawing to an end whereas January Stipend is supposed to be paid either by the end of January or first week of February, 2022.

Without mincing words, it beats the mind to say that the outstanding Stipends of September, October, November and December, 2021 would be cleared in January, 2022.

The big question remains, is the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development and the National Social Investment Management System truly willing to fast-track the payment of the outstanding Stipends of the Npower beeficiaries.

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  1. My payroll is showing no payment data what could be the problem only GOD knows everything because I live jos south local govt area of plateau state but to my greatest surprise after verification in jos south my dashboard is still showing verification pending why the local government of resident have suddenly change from jos south to sanga please I don't live in sanga I stay right here in jos south of plateau state and think that is the reason for my delay payment thank you


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