Npower Batch C Payment: Why November was removed from Payrol Tab, NASIMS explains change of plan

Fear gripped the Batch C Stream 1 Npower beneficiaries following the removal of November from the "Pending" outstanding payment on the beneficiaries Payrol Tab at www.nasims.gov.ng.

The month of November was added on Friday on the Payrol Tab, representing double payment initiated for disbursement by the beneficiaries' Banks.

However, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has communicated a change of plan, stating that all outstanding Payment of the beneficiaries would be cleared but separately.

According to NASIMS, the payment will now be made one after the other. That is, it will no longer come as two months or three months payment in one bulk of credit Alert.

"The removal of November payment earlier added to payroll tab today was deemed appropriate after careful review to halt an error ensuring simultaneous payment and hitch-free payment gateway is achieved.

"Recall, we had earlier stated the payment pattern deployed to clear the outstanding (payment shall be made separately). Be rest assured all outstanding will be cleared, we are poised to serve you better", NASIMS clarified.

The Npower Management has reiterated its decision to pay up all the outstanding of 3 Months: October, November and December, owed to the Npower beneficiaries.

While it is indicative that NASIMS intends to prevent or checkmate error of double payment to the beneficiaries, it is rather suggestive that the Npower Management is in consideration of available fund released for the payment.

As a matter of fact and due inclusiveness, it will be effective that the payment for the month of October goes round to all the Beneficiaries than some beneficiaries receiving October and November payment while others recieve none.

Patience is very well demanded by NASIMS as all the Beneficiaries will be paid every bit of outstanding payment owed.

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