Npower Batch C Payment: Meaning of FAILED Payment, No Payment Data Available | See solutions

Following the commencement of the September Stipend Payment to beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower Programme, several issues have been encountered which many beneficiaries do not only request for solutions but also their Meanings.

While some beneficiaries have been paid and indicated on their NASIMS Profiles Payrol Status as "PAID" Some have "Pending" whereas some have either "Failed" or "No Payment Data Available".

Here are the Interpretation of the above Terms and how to  solve those indicated as problems.

1. Paid: If any of the Batch C Stream Npower beneficiaries is successful paid, it will be indicated as "PAID" on the NASIMS Profile Payrol Section. 

Congratulations! you do not have any issues and your payment details have been successfully captured for next payment. 

Your Payment was successful because your Account Details were correct and your Account Names matches the Names on your Profile and the Names on your BVN. 

2. Pending: If you still see pending on your NASIMS Profile Payrol Section, do not panic. Obviously you have no issue but just waiting for your Bank to process the payment made to your Bank Account.

However, you have to continually monitor the situation to know if it will change to "Paid" or "Failed".

3. No Payment Data Available: Batch C Npower beneficiaries who see "No Payment Data Available" on their NASIMS Profile Payrol Section did not successfully verify their Bank Details.

It simply means your Bank Details were not verified and not captured as Valid by the System even though it still displays on your NASIMS Profile.

Here, there is a problem but do not panic. 

SOLUTIONNASIMS advised, "If your payment status under Payrol section is showing  NO Payment Data Available, kindly contact us through any of our help lines 092203102 or 018888340 for assistance".

"If however our help lines are irresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at intervals. DO NOT SEND E-MAIL, NASIMS added.

4. FAILED: If your NASIMS Payrol Section changed from "Pending" to "Failed", it shows something is wrong.

In this aspect, it is indicative your Account Details were incorrect or unmatched. This may be error in your Bank Account Number or discrepancy/unmatching of the Names on your Account Number, Names on your BVN and/or Names on Your NASIMS Profile.

Failed payment will continue to fail until the underlining issue is rectified.

SOLUTION: If your payment status under Payrol section is showing "FAILED", kindly contact NASIMS through any of the help lines 092203102 or 018888340 for assistance.

Remember: If however the help lines are irresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at intervals. DO NOT SEND E-MAIL.

Before calling the Npower help lines, make sure your Bank Details are with you to avoid wasting the opportunity when granted, as many beneficiaries are waiting for their turn.

The National Social Investment Management System has assured that all problems will be resolved and September Payment made to all eligible beneficiaries, while encouraging the beneficiaries not to panic.

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