Npower Batch C: Be patient, Stipend Payment to be completed within this week


Tension has heightened among the beneficiaries of the Stream 1 Batch C Npower Programme following the commencement of the October Stipend payment to the beneficiaries on Monday.

This has created anxiety among the beneficiaries whose have rallied on eagerness to ascertain where the payment pendulum has swung to and where next its heading.

Just calm down. That's the most important thing right now. 

Yes, it is true that payment of the October Stipend to the qualified beneficiaries of the Batch C Stream 1 Npower Programme has commenced.

To some beneficiaries, payment has been credited in the Payment Tab  of the NASIMS Portal but has not reflected in their Bank accounts. As long as the Bank Acccount provided is correct, the payment MUST drop in your Bank Account.

While to many, the payment status has not been activated in their paymemt tabs. Do not panic, every eligible Npower beneficiary must be paid. Recall that it's 510,000 Npower beneficiaries we are talking about here and it will be quite uneasy to credit all bank accounts at once.

Once payment has commenced, a period of one week is usually utilized in crediting all beneficiaries all bank accounts.

This is because while the payment is authorised in the GIFMIS Server, the Network of each bank will determine when the money will drop in the bank accounts of all eligible beneficiaries.

In view of the above, all beneficiaries should exercise patience as payment is expected to be completed within the week. 

Being the first payment, it is likely to come with hitches but subsequent payments will be a lot more uniform and efficient. 

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