MSME Survival Fund: No N80,000 paid to beneficiaries, PDO alerts Applicants

The Project Delivery Office of the N75 Billion MSME Survival Fund Scheme has alerted the general public on a message being circulated to unspecting Nigerians claiming that N80,000 is currently being disbursed under a component of the Scheme.

The PDO in a statement on Saturday described the message as fraudulent, noting that there is no component of the Scheme that pays N80,000 to beneficiaries.  

“The notice is fraudulent and should be disregarded by all and sundry. This message is not from the project delivery office of the scheme.

“The procedure for the implementation of all tracks of the Survival Fund and Guaranteed Off-take Stimulus Scheme does not require a public display of account details to individuals or groups.

“It is also pertinent to note that under no track of the scheme are beneficiaries given the sum of N80,000, either in instalments or in whole.

“The amount given to beneficiaries remain N30,000 and N50,000 for Payroll Support; N30,000 for Artisans and Transport Grants; N50,000 for the General MSMEs Grant; and N100,000 per MSME for the Guaranteed Off-take Stimulus Scheme.

“The steering committee wishes to state that the purported scheme is not known to the government, hence the general public is enjoined to disregard any message(s) from any individual or group requesting them to submit account details,” the statement said.

The statement noted that the steering committee had established lines of communication with beneficiaries, including prospective ones, and will deploy the same in providing updates to all stakeholders.

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