No BVN Data will not affect Deployment - NASIMS assures, begins rectification

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has assured that the inscription recently observed by the Applicants of the 2021 Batch C N-power Programme on their Dashboards , will not affected their deployment.

The N-power management made this known in a response to an enquiry made by a shortlisted applicant of the programme who is awaiting deployment, after completing the Biometric Enrolment stage of the Batch C engagement.

Applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme had recently observed the inscription, "No BVN Data", "Invalid BVN" or "BVN Verified" on their Dashboards which replaced their BVN and generated panic among the applicants.

Quelling the fears of the Applicants of the Programme, NASIMS had earlier clarified that the observed change in the Applicants' profiles was caused by Network error in their system.

Earlier before giving the assurance on the deployment of the stream 1 beneficiaries, the Management had advised the Applicants to disregard the recent change on the "Identification" section of their NASIMS Dashboard.

The N-power management noted that the BVN of the Applicants had earlier been validated in their database while allaying the fears of the Applicants.

NASIMS further encouraged the Applicants to remain patient as they "work towards resolving it".

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