How to Access AGSMEIS Loan with ease in 2021/2022 (AGSMEIS EDI Training, AGSMEIS Business Plan, AGSMEIS Loan Interview, AGSMEIS Loan Disbursement, All Secrets revealed)

Accessing the AGSMEIS Loan in 2021 has been a critical issue among Nigerian Entrepreneurs may be because of lack of proper information or lack of proper guidance from reliable sources.

Before going further on how to access the AGSMEIS Loan, it will be imperative to understand what AGSMEIS is all about.

What is AGSMEIS Loan

The Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS Loan) is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria to support the Federal Government's efforts and policy measures for the promotion of agricultural businesses and small/medium enterprises (SMEs) as vehicles for sustainable economic development and employment generation.

In this scheme, an applicant can access up to N10million (currently reviewed to N3Million maximum loan per applicant according to a new bank policy) without Collateral at 5% interest per Annum till Feb, 2022 and 9% interest rate for other years, for up to 5 years. The Moratorium is usually 12 months.

AGSMEIS Loan is currently on going and accessible to Entrepreneurs in various industries ranging from Agriculture to Creative, Hospitality Industries etc.

How to access AGSMEIS Loan in 2021 (Processes/Stages in Accessing AGSMEIS Loan - All secrets revealed)

Following the launch of a new AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal in 2021, the 5 Steps in accessing the Loan became elaborate in stages but vivid and self monitored, in which an applicant can monitor progress with ease.

Accessing AGSMEIS Loan normally should take between 6 to 8 weeks with proper information and guidance. But for some people, it has been more than a year because of improper direction or not conforming to specified instructions.

Here are the stages and the blown secrets in passing through these stages with less stress and within a shortest time:

1. AGSMEIS Loan Registration

AGSMEIS Loan Registration and AGSMEIS Loan application are used interchangeably by applicants. The same applies to AGSMEIS Loan Registration Portal and AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal. However, the former are little different while in the later, there is only one portal for both Registration and Loan Application.

AGSMEIS Loan Registration is the initial Stage in accessing the AGSMEIS Loan. The AGSMEIS Loan Registration Portal in 2021 is https://agsmeisapp.nmfb.com.ng. Using the AGSMEIS Registration or AGSMEIS Loan application portal 2021 as the case may be, is simple and can be done through a simple smartphone.

Here, an applicant completes registration by: (a) opening the AGSMEIS Loan Registration https://agsmeisapp.nmfb.com.ng. (b) Selecting "Apply as Applicant". (c) Validating BVN by entering applicant's Name and BVN as specified. Once BVN is validated, other details such as Date of Birth is automatically filled. (d). Supplying other information and Submitting the Registration. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you e-mail address.

Note: Registrating on the AGSMEIS Loan portal does not mean one has applied for the AGSMEIS Loan.

2. Select an EDI:

AGSMEIS EDI is an Entrepreneurship Development Institute which has been accredited by CBN for the Training of AGSMEIS Applicants at certain fees. An AGSMEIS EDI offers more than just training. They offer assistants and services at certain prices too.

Yes, EDI services are not free but they are all you need. Let me repeat: EDI services are all you need in accessing the AGSMEIS Loan. By scrolling down, you will understand better.

After the Registration, an applicant can access his/her Dashboard. Several stages will be marked in red indicating stages yet to be completed. Once a stage is completed, it turns green.

To select an AGSMEIS Training Center in your State, choose your State (preferably where you are resident) and Select one of the listed EDI in your State.

EDI can only be changed before Admission into Training. Once chosen an EDI, the EDI's Information including a Contact Person's information will be displayed. To fast-track admission into Training, notify the EDI through the Phone Numbers displayed and be in torch from then, onwards.

Your EDI will notify you that you have been scheduled for training through Text message and/or e-mail. Contact your EDI to confirm.

3. AGSMEIS Training:

Applicants should first understand that there is no AGSMEIS Training Registration Form any where. Once you select an EDI, the EDI will schedule you for the Training.

The AGSMEIS Training is simple and lasts for only 5 days. The Training fee is N10,000 and approved by CBN across the States of the Federation.

The Training boarders on how to manage a successful business, business plan writting/execution - Bringing businesses from the idea stage, Market Survey, Surviving Competition, Marketting of products, and more.

Once admitted in the AGSMEIS Training and Training in progress, "Training Registration", "Admitted by EDI", and "In Training" will be marked in green at about 40% rating. This is done by your EDI. Notify your EDI if such changes did not occur till after the AGSMEIS Training.

A Certificate is issued at the end of the Training as an evidence that you have completed the compulsory Training. When completed, your EDI will activate your "Training Completed" in green.

4. AGSMEIS Loan Application

At this Stage, an applicant indicates the amount of loan needed, how to utilise the loan and how to ensure repayment of the Loan by submitting a business plan.

The Secret here which many do not know or ignore is that your EDI is all you need to access the AGSMEIS Loan, ceteris paribus.

To guarantee success and speed here, seek for the services of your EDI. Writing of Business Plan and Uploading of Business Plan comes with a fee ranging from N5,000 to N10,000 depending on EDI. It is negotiable.

However, writting of Business Plan alone is N5,000 as approved by CBN but you are advised to use the full services of your EDI because they understand the tricks more than you.

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Once your EDI completes your Loan Application,  "Loan Application Completion" and "Business Plan submission" will turn green.

5. AGSMEIS Loan Application Validation

The validation involves ascertaining your suitability to access this loan. It involves credit checks, to know if you have existing/unpaid CBN loans or a beneficiary of other other CBN Intervention Programmes.

It also assesses your Credit Score with Commercial Banks - if you have a bad loan record or non-performing loan with commercial banks.

At this Stage also, your EDI verifies and updates your Guarantors. In fact, once an applicant is admitted into the Training, the Applicant should begin to look for two Gurantors. Your EDI will tell you the nature of the Gurantors and informations to be provided such as BVN, Residential Address, Email Address, Phone Number, etc.

6. AGSMEIS Loan Assessment

During your Credit Checks, "Pre Assessment" is done to evaluate your business plan and it's suitability according to stipulated standard.

Kindly let this be in the hands of your EDI.

After the submission of your Guarantors, the final Assessment is made. Your EDI will guide you here. That's why your EDI is the key to your Success.

At this Stage, when the Nirsal Microfinance Bank accepts your Loan, it will be approved to disbursement.

Keep in torch with your EDI at all these Stages and you will be shocked to achieve over 70% in two weeks. Still keep in torch with your EDI until your Loan is disbursed.

To assess AGSMEIS Loan, Applicants will spend between N18,000 to N25,000 to be able to obtain maximum and assuring assistance, and services from an EDI.

The screenshot below was achieved in less than 16 days using the above method:

AGSMEIS Loan Disbursement

After completing all the above stages, your Loan is approved by the Nirsal Microfinance Bank for disbursement.

To check AGSMEIS Loan Status, use agsmeis.nmfb.com.ng and enter your BVN.

Also, ensure your Bank Account is in order and can recieve huge amount.

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