N-power Batch C: Shortlisting ongoing, not a guarantee for final selection - UPDATED

Thousands of applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme have expressed dissatisfaction following the commencement of the Pre-selection of Nigerians that would participate in the 2020/2021 Batch C Stream 2 N-power Programme.

Some applicants question why they were not pre-selected even after scoring certain high marks whereas those who scored lower marks were selected, while others allege the process has been hijacked by politicians.

Here are few facts you should know as an applicant of the Batch C N-power Programme

1. Pre-selection/Shortlisting is ongoing: The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has clarified that shortlisting or pre-selection of candidates is ongoing. It has not ended. Keep checking back at www.nasims.gov.ng.

No applicant has been told, "Sorry, you cannot progress to the next stage," rather you were told "You have not been shortlisted yet, check back later."

2. Shortlisting is done in batches: The Shortlisting of candidates is controlled by humans and to ensure adherence to stipulated guidelines, applicants are shortlisted in batches.

If you have not been selected, do not panic or wear negetive energy. Kindly check back as advised by NASIMS.

3. Score is not the only criteria used in pre-qualifying candidates: The pre-selection of applicants is dependent on factors in which "Test Score" is just one of.

While no applicant has been absolutely disqualified or rejected at this moment, applicants should understand that shortlisting is not State by State rather, candidates are randomly selected in a balance of the geopolitical zones or distribution. 

Applicants should also note that preference is given to people living with disabilities (PWDs), and people living in areas riddled with insurgencies such States with internally displaced people (IDPs)

4. Pre-Selection/Shortlisting is not final selection: NASIMS has clarified to applicants that "Shortlisting is not a guarantee for final selection."

This entails that not all preselected candidates will make the final list however, those pre-selected have higher chances of making the final list.

What can disqualify a shortlisted candidate

1. Not adhering to instructions: NASIMS stated guidelines for capturing of Biometrics and further advised "shortlisted" applicants to preferably use a Cyber Cafe perfect in JAMB/NYSC Registration for the capturing of Biomentrics.

RelatedNASIMS's advise on Finger Printing, a criteria for final selection

A shortlisted applicant who does otherwise and end up making mistakes has automatically disqualified him/herself just as it happened during the "Screening Test" Phase.

2. Ending the Biometrics without confirming success: Before leaving the Cyber Cafe or exiting the FingerPrint enrolment, ensure to log in again to confirm your Biometrics Enrolment status.

If your Biometrics enrolment is successful, "Capture FingerPrint" will change to "FingerPrint Captured" with a "good mark" used to denote success.

Applicants should understand that failure to capture the FingerPrint correctly could lead to disqualification.

3: Not Verifying BVN:  NASIMS has warned that " If you did not previously validate your BVN, your are required to do so before proceeding for FingerPrint enrolment."

4: Incomplete Profile: If during profile Update you filled in correct data and uploaded the right documents, do not worry that you cannot view them or that there is a misfixing of your uploaded documents.

However, if you are 100% sure you made a mistake during the profile Update, kindly e-mail supports at support.npower@nasims.gov.ng

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