N-Power Batch C: My dead Sister shortlisted without Test, Record Update - Lady narrates, encourages Applicants

A young Nigerian Lady has narrated how her dead Sister who applied for the Batch C N-power Programme, in 2020 before her demise, was shortlisted without writing the online Screening Test nor updating her applicarion record on the NASIMS Portal.

According to the young lady with a Facebook name, Chy Nwafor, "I intentionally logged into my younger Sister's dashboard yesterday, who died in the month of January this year, so I didn't update her profile and I didn't write the test for her because she was late. Lo and behold, I saw the Congratulatory message on her dashboard." 

While many who read her story expressed their condolences for her Sister's death, many began to wonder how the selection for the Batch C N-power Programme was made.

There has been an allegation that the Shortlisting was hijacked by high profiled Politicians which resulted in Applicant who scored 80% in the screening Test not being selected while Applicants who scored 35% were selected.

But according to Miss Nwafor's story, she did not write the screening Test nor Update her younger Sister's records in the NASIMS Portal www.nasims.gov.ng because she was late but shockingly, she was shortlisted.

"So I now believe that the fact you recieved the congratulatory message, is not a guarantee that you have made the final list" Miss Nwafor added, knowing that eventhough her Sister was shortlisted, she will not be there to complete other processes to enable her make the final list.

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She further encouraged applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme who were asked to check back later to heighten their hope, as they are likely to make the next Stream of 500,000 Beneficiaries to be shortlisted in the Batch C N-power Programme.

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