Trending now: Iniubong Umoren died in search of a job

On the 27th of April, 2021, a young graduate, Iniubong Umoren posted on her Twitter handle https://mobile.twitter.com/HinyHumoren,

"AkwaIbomTwitter please I'm really in need of a job, something to do to keep mind and soul together while contributing dutifully to the organisation. My location is Uyo, I'm creative, really good in thinking ctitically and most importantly a fast learner. CV available on request."

She got an invite for an interview at Airport Road, Akwaibom. Before leaving for the interview on 29th April, 2021, Umoren notified her friend Happiness Activist (@umohuduak1).

Happiness Activist raised an alarm through her Twitter handle https://mobile.twitter.com/UmohUduak1 when she lost phone contact with Umoren.

"Y'all my friend @HinyHumoren is in trouble and she needs our help. I'm currently in Lagos and I can't help than to put this out there. Earlier today she told me she was going for a job interview at airport road which is quite far from her house," Happiness Activist wrote.

She added, "to cut everything short, she sent me a 1sec audio record on WhatsApp and I had to call her back to know if she wanted to say something to me but immediately I called her I heard her screaming. Someone, please help her out."

Nigerians began search for Iniubong Umoren

The Nigerian Police was quickly informed of the situation and they confirmed through their Twitter handle to have begun an investigation on the matter.

Friends of Iniubong Umoren, concerned Nigerians of all tribes began to speak in one voice and reason with one mind, an incidence that recieved accolades from many Nigerians as the hashtag #FindHinyUmoren began to trend in search of Umoren.

The contact which invited Umoren for an interview was traced to Uduak Frank Akpan who was also identified to be an expert in using the Social Media to lure victims.

Uduak Frank Akpan was discovered to have been using thesame location for many online Job and Land for sale adverts.

Uduak Frank Akpan became a prime Suspect

The search for Uduak Frank Akpan was a search for Umoren. At the junction that leads to Airport Road, some enquiries were made by angry Nigerians. Some bike riders identified the location as well as the house of the suspect.

According the thousands of Tweets that followed the alarm raised by Happiness Activist, Uduak Frank Akpan was no where to be found but the Father was arrested.

Umoren raped, killed and buried in a shallow grave

The heat of the trail on Uduak Frank Akpan was so much that his people and the Local Government Chairman joined hands to condemn such evil in their community.

Uduak Frank Akpan was arrested and upon interrogation by the Police, he confessed to have raped, killed and buried Umoren in a shallow grave.

Reaction has however trailed the incidence as many Nigerians allege that the death of Umoren was for ritual purposes.

Photo of Uduak Frank Akpan

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