MSME Survival Fund: Why some CEOs will not be paid | Payroll Support

The payment of the 3 months salary support to thousands of employees of MSMEs in Nigeria has witnessed echoes of joy as the Federal Government continues to dish out N30,000 - N50,000 to the successful applicants of the Payroll Support Track of the N75 Billion MSME Survival Fund Scheme.

While the payment has continued among the employees and CEOs of the successful MSMEs, questions have emerged on why some CEOs are not being paid even after paying all the employees.

Recall that the Payroll Support Track of the MSME Survival Funds targets 500,000 Employees of fully Registered MSMEs who were affected by the compulsory lock-down necessitated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Clarifying on why some CEOs are being paid and some are not, the Project Delivery Office of the Scheme in a reply to several of such questions had noted that only CEOs who registered themselves as employees will be paid.

What this means is that as a CEO, you are a part of the organization in all ramification and deserves a salary in your organisation. Hence, during your registration for the Payroll Support Programme, as a salary earner and owner of the business, your should occupy the first and topmost position among the 10 Employees you registered. 

However, a CEO who did not register him/herself as among the maximum of 10 Employees per MSME, is very unlikely to be paid.


Breaking: FG confirms commencement of MSME Survival Fund payment to Beneficiaries

MSME Survival Fund: Payment continues, applicants encouraged to be patient

Payment has continued and every verified applicant who has not recieved his/her payment, should exercise some patience as payment is on going. 

By the end of the current payment to the additional 146,065 successful beneficiaries, a total of 465,820 beneficiaries would have been paid under the Payroll Support Track.

Recall that before the commencement of the current payment, the PDO had in an update stated that 319,755 MSME Employees have been paid under the Payroll Support Track out of the proposed 500,000 MSME Employees to recieve the 3 months N30,000 - N50,000 Salary Supports under the Track.

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Hence, 319,755 + 146,065 gives the 465,820 beneficiaries as recently updated by the PDO on both Twitter and Facebook channels. Meaning that additional 34,180 beneficiaries will be added in another batch to mark up the 500,000 overall beneficiaries under the Payroll Support Track. 

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  1. But there is no single alert in Niger State, or is Niger State not part of the program.

  2. It's not fair on CEOs at all

    1. There's no justice here, why would the CEO not be paid.... Something I'd fishy here

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. How can a CEO who has already provided the company account number and yet again include him/herself in the employees account be credited? That's greediness na!!! Eating from the top and bottom at the same time.

    What about some organisations that are more than 10. So the slot meant for the employee will be occupied by God's the employer again? Are you teaching CEOs to be selfish and greedy? This is so unfair.

  5. I am a CEO , I put my name as an employee too but I was paid 30,000

  6. Am CEO l registered my staff but did not register myself as employee rather the company and its account .

  7. I am a CEO I put my self among the employees but I have not been paid

  8. Iam a CEO registered on this platform since November this year 2021with my acc number, but up till now,no pay.


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