N-power Batch C: Why Applicants should not panic over NASIMS Portal

Panic has trailed the commencement of the next phase of the N-power Batch C enrolment processes with so many issues being encountered on the NASIMS Portal.

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), Friday, commenced a systematic shortlisting of applicants who would advance to the "Verification" phase of the enrolment processes.

In this approach, no list or listing of applicants is involved, rather, an applicant can know his/her status by logging into the portal www.nasims.gov.ng and clicking on "Verification" in his/her profile.

However, the following issues have been reported by many of the applicants since the break of the news by many media channels:

1. Unable to login: When one tries to log in, it displays "Transaction failed, please try again later."

2. Unable to change password using the "forgot password" button. Here, it displays an error message, "Profile update has closed"

3. Portal www.nasims.gov.ng inaccessible or taking  too long to load

The above issues and the likes are caused by network congestion due to millions of applicants attempting to access the portal at thesame time, throwing too many traffic on the server thereby weakening the site efficiency.

The only solution is to be patient and keep trying at intervals. You don't have to panic about anything. It happened during updating of records, and the Admins are aware and are working on it.

Other issues identified are:

4. Blank "Verification" information. Here, nothing displays after clicking the "Verification" button.

5. Not shortlisted yet, please check back later

6. Unable to Capture Finger Prints.

These three issues do not demand for any form of panic. Shortlisting is done in batches and activated per individual's profile based on the algorithms created for the selection.

Both the Shortlisting and Capturing of Finger Prints just got started and no deadline stated yet. So the best solution is to exercise some patience to enable the Admins fix and perfect all plans.

The only issue which can shake the spine immediately is when an applicant is told "You are not qualified to proceed to the next stage".

However, such category of Applicants and the likes should note that only 500,000 is being shortlisted in this first Stream and another 500,000 will be shortlisted later. If you didn't make it in this stream, you can still make it in the next stream. Do not worry about your score, it's just one of the "criteria" set for the selection.

So be patient, hopeful and positive.

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  1. 0k thank you for this information we are continue waiting insha Allah maybe we are among the beneficiaries.


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