NYIF: Ministry moves to rectify e-mail challenges, proffers solutions

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development  (FMYSD) has stated that it has intensified efforts to rectify the e-mail challenges which have prevented some of the pre-qualified applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund from completing their loan application.

According to the Ministry in a tweet, "challenges for receiving confirmation emails is being rectified. Please send your email address, mobile phone number used to register for the NYIF to nyif@youthandsport.gov.ng", while responding to issues of applicants who have been unable to recieve verification token.

This encourages applicants who have been unable to recieve their verification token to send the stated information to the e-mail address provided.

Some applicants have complained of making mistakes on their e-mail addresses during application or being unable to access their e-mail addresses. This category can send their information as follows in order to be specifically attended to:

1. Describe your exact problem in the mail using "change of e-mail address as a tittle/subject"

2. Include the following details:

  (i) Phone Number used during application. 

(ii) Email address used during application. 

(iii) Email address you wish to change to.

Applicants waiting for e-mail verification Token can firstly use the method  below before proceeding to send the mail:

1. Open   https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng and allow it to load as in the illustration below:

2. Click on Login, it will open as in the llustration below

3. Click on "Didnt get Verification Token"

5. Enter your Email Address and Click on Submit

6. Log in to your Email Address and check for your Email Verification Token. Then follow the link to complete your Registration.

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Applicants who have forgotten their password after verifying their e-mail address can now follow https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ApplicantDashboard/Business/ForgotPassword to request for a link for changing of password.

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