How to solve Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Email Verification issues and more

Following the pre-qualification of many applicants of the N75Billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, a lot the pre-qualified applicants have not been able to receive their Email Verification Token to enable them proceed to complete their registration. This was brought about by huge traffic on the portal.

In view of that, an e-mail verification token request method has been activated to enable those who have no completed their registration quickly proceed to do so.

Here is the simple Proceedure:

1. Open   https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng and allow it to load as in the illustration below:

2. Click on Login, and Click on "Didnt get Verification Token", as illustrated below:

3. Enter your Email Address and Click on Submit

4. Log in to your Email Address and check for your Email Verification Token. Then follow the link to complete your Registration.

Image Upload Issues:

Kindly note that your Image must not be more than 500kb. That's less than 1Mb. If you do not have a Picture Resizer, download it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simplemobilephotoresizer

How to use the Picture Resiser App

1. Open the App, it opens as below:

2. Click on "Select Photo" Then scroll and select the image you want to resize. 

3. Look at the top of the Image Selected and Check the Original Size of the Image.

In the example in the illustration below, it is 550kb which is above 500kb. In that case, you can reduce by 50% or 75% by Clicking on the "Resize" button and selecting 50% or 75%.

You can as well customise as you like and Check the size of the resized Photo by checking the top of the Image again after clicking the Resize button and selecting your Percentage Size.

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  1. they send almost 6 verification token to my gmail and all of them are showing verification failed and if I click into didn't get verification it shows quota exceeded I almost give up.


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