N-power Batch C to favour Applicants in rural LGAs and Communities | Updated

Following the closure of the NASIMS Portal www.nasims.gov.ng for the Record Update and Online Screening of the applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme, tension has heightened on who and who would make the pre-selection list.

Some applicants of the Scheme have taken to the Social Space to inquire about their fates after scoring a certain mark upon concluding their test on the https://onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng test portal. Some, out of fear of their fates, have chosen to remain silent and probably giving themselves high blood pressure on wether they would make the list or not.

While selecting 500,000 from more than 4 million applicants (just about 12.5%) may be a tough task, there are certain criteria used to access the suitability of an individual in making the Pre-selection list before the Physical Verification and final Shortlisting.

The criteria are as follows:

1. Number of Applicants in your LGA of Residence

There is no doubt that the 2020/2021 N-power test was tougher than it use to be in the past and repetition of questions for different applicants was highly scarce. This is a way to reduce the high number of Applicants down to the required figure.

While high Score will play a vital roll in positioning an individual, the number of applicants in your Local Government of Residence whom you are competing with, will more likely determine the cut off mark that will be used in selecting applicants in your LGA.

For instance, a local Government in Lagos State with about 20,000 applicants and 3,000 quotas can not be compared to a local Government in far Maiduguri with 2,000 applicants and 700 quotas. While such LGA in Lagos will cut off high from 70 marks to select 3,000 from 20,000 applicants, the LGA in Maiduguri will likely cut off at 50 or less, going by the scores so far from the online test results.

Those in interior LGAs with lesser number of applicants are more likely to be favoured in the pre-selection list as applicants who scored 50% or less have more chances in such LGAs than applicants who scored 50% or less in LGAs in the main cities.

2. Category Applied for and number of applicants in the Category in your LGA

Quota sharing goes down to number of applicants in a particular category. There are the N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro etc. Number of applicants needed in N-Teach is not thesame as the number of applicants need for N-Health or N-Agro.

N-Teach applicants are higher in number followed by N-Agro and by that, competition will be high in the two categories across the LGAs.

3. Time

One other important factor which is used to position applicants on the pre-selection list is Time spent during the test. The shorter the time, the better and favoured the applicant.

You have a chance of re-taking the test before submitting but that will greatly increase your spent time and reduce your chances on the pre-selection list.

4. Conformity to Test Rules

The test portal is programmed to execute stated rules automatically upon disobedience to the rules. This will increase chances of others. A lot of applicants who want to play smart will be automatically disqualified.

More than 20,000 applicants will face disqualification by failing to obey the rules while more than 5,000 will be disqualified by poor network, low battery, low data, etc. The stated figures are more likely to be high.

Those who are unable to take the test due to one reason or the other will also be automatically disqualified.

5: Qualification:

Qualification came last because it has a lesser role to play at this stage. However, it is used to grade those in the Graduate category such as N-Teach and N-Health. Recall that N-Agro is no more under the Graduate category.

All these are incorporated into the automated programme used in making the pre-selection list before Phyiscal verification and final selection.

Having read through this publication, I believe by now you should be "calming" down while leaving the authorities to do their jobs instead of giving yourself high BP.

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Also note that the target is 1 Million. So, after batch C, expect Batch D soonest. The Ministry is working on making N-power Programme a yearly programme.

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