AGSMEIS Loan: How to Confirm, Change or Contact your EDI Training Centers

Many applicants of the Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) Loan Scheme have one or multiple times recieved text messages inviting them for EDI Trainings involving payment of N10,000 Training Fee, of which some of these text messages have been confirmed to be Fraudulent. 

Let me firstly start by clearing some misconceptions about the AGSMEIS EDI Training as follows:

1. It is a known fact to all applicants that for one to apply for the AGSMEIS Loan, one must firstly create a Profile by Registrating through the application portal https://nirsalmfb.caderp.com/Account/Register. Registering through this portal does not mean one has applied for the AGSMEIS Loan. 

2. After the Registration, one must be trained by a CBN Approved Entrepreneurship Development Institute  (EDI) which must be chosen by the applicant during Registration or later as I would show you in this publication. The Training Fee is N10,000. Why? Because they are CBN Approved but are independent units doing their own businesses. Some EDI offer more Trainings than just for the purpose of the AGSMEIS Loan Scheme. CBN however approved the N10,000 Training Fee for all States EDIs and no extortion is allowed.

3. The EDI can assist you in developing a Business Plan that suits your Business of choice at a service fee usually N5,000 for the purpose of the AGSMEIS Loan Scheme.

4. Also, the EDI will help you apply for the Loan by uploading your Business Plan, monitoring and 'tracking' your loan application. Many applicants do not actually know this and many have been raising alarm over approval. This service also comes at a fee of usually N10,000, depending on the EDI.

How to Confirm your EDI Training Invitation Text messages or Email

This has become necessary for the prevention of fraud from the real hustler fraudsters and also from delisted EDI Training Centers. Delisted EDI Training Centers are those Centers that have lost the CBN approval by not delivering optimal services or going against a stipulated guidelines.

When you get a text message inviting you for an EDI Training and you are sure you registered for the AGSMEIS Loan Scheme, the following steps and illustrations should be strictly observed to ensure one is not falling into wrong hands:

1. Log into your dashboard through https://nirsalmfb.caderp.com/Account/Login by entering your registered Email address and password created during registration.

2. Your profile will open as illustrated below; click on"AGSMEIS Loan" as shown here:

3. When it opens, click on "MSME", it will draw down then select  "Register for Training" It will open as illustrated below; 

4. Now click on "Edit", it will open your registration details. Just scroll down to "Training Information". Then click on "Training Location" and choose your "State". When you select your State, a pop - up will display, just click on "ok. Illustrations:

5. When you click on "Select a Trainer", all CBN approved Training Centers in the selected State will be displayed. You can now scroll to look up and cross-check the EDI that sent you a text or Email.

6. To view information including contact details, contact person, EDI address of a given EDI, just click on the EDI  and scroll down as illustrated below:

How to Change EDI Training Centers

The simple method is to follow Step 1-6 and finally Click on "Submit Registration Form". 

You can contact your EDI Contact Person and arrange with him/her to put you on a Schedule for Training. 

For information about AGSMEIS, visit https://nirsalmfb.caderp.com/account/landingpage#about

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