MSME Payroll Supports: Only 4 South South States Open for more Beneficiaries

The Project Delivery Office of the N75Billion MSME Survival Funds Scheme has in an update, Friday, disclosed that 2 South South States have closed for beneficiaries in the Payroll Supports Scheme while 4 States in the Geopolitical Zone are still Open to witness more Beneficiaries on the Scheme.

According to the PDO, Rivers State has closed with 13,010 MSME employees beneficiaries while Akwa Ibom closed with 13,005 Beneficiaries. However, Bayelsa at 9,021 Beneficiaries, Cross Rivers at 9,823 Beneficiaries,  Delta at 6,262 and Edo at 3,066 Beneficiaries are "Open" to expect more beneficiaries in the Payroll Supports Scheme.

The Project Delivery Office had in a previous State by State break down of the Payroll Supports Scheme declared  5 South Eastern States "Open" and as such, should expect more beneficiaries in the region.

A new recap of the State by State Breadown of the Payroll Supports Scheme as released by the Project Delivery Office can be stated as follows:

For more Information on the Payroll Supports, do visit https://mobile.twitter.com/SurvivalFund_ng for the infographics update on the recent activities as regards the implimentation of the MSME Survival Funds Payroll Supports Scheme.

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