MSME Payroll Supports: Why many applicants won't be paid and new application won't be accepted

Reaction has trailed an announcement from the Yobe State MSME Survival Funds and Guaranteed Offtake Scheme Focal Person, Abubakar Adamu Fika, stating that the application for the Payroll Supports Scheme would continue again from Tuesday, 19th January, 2021, and would last for 7day without any further extention.

However, many applicants and prospective applicants of the Scheme miscontrued the broadcast as there was no official opening of the portal as stated.

The Project Delivery Office has continued to release the list of Beneficiaries according to Geopolitical Zones with that of South East released yesterday while North East, North West and North Central previously released.

In the Geopolitical Zones so far released, the PDO declared some States "Open" for more beneficiaries and some "Closed".

To know more about "closed" and "open" States, read: Breaking: 5 South Eastern States Open for more Payroll Supports Beneficiaries or Watch infographics clips on Twitter at https://mobile.twitter.com/SurvivalFund_ng

Investigation reveals that each of the 36 States of the Federation plus FCT would recieve about 13,000 Beneficiaries except for few States which would recieve more beneficiaries like Lagos, Kano, etc.

In view of the above, States that have recieved maximum beneficiaries already are marked as "closed" and an applicant in such state who has not been verified or called, stands no chance in such States. It has not been confirmed if those "verified" in their profiles but haven't been "called" would be paid in such States.

However, high hopes are for applicants in States marked as "Open" as they are yet to exhaust their State quotas. As at this moment, it is not clear if the application portal would open for new applicants in those States but in a case where the verified applicant are still not up to the State quotas, more beneficiaroes would be requested to complete their application in the application portal.

It is also confirmed that Payment and "Phone call interview of applicants" have not stopped as both would continue in no distant time.

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  1. Am not been paid but am verified all the employees of my company received their first,second,and third payment.am using jaiz bank account.thanks

  2. Better, there's hope for some of us waiting for confirmation call and those for payment. I was wondering why the management team will still text us to complete our applications when they know that the number of employees in those states were enough.


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