Trending now: MSME Survival Funds Payment on going, Testimonies shake Twitter

The Nigerian Government in a bid to clear the doubts of some Nigerians who had criticized the N75Billion MSME Survival Funds Scheme, has created a Twitter 'hashtag' while encouraging the beneficiaries to hook up and testify as the Scheme progresses on relieving the effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Nigerians.   

Announcing the Hashtag, the Federal Government encouraged Nigerians to remain patient noting that payment is on going in the several components of the Scheme.

"Follow the hashtag #IGotSurvivalFund to see testimonials from beneficiaries across the country. Payments have been made and are still ongoing. Stay safe, stay healthy.

The trending Hashtag has been adorned by the good words of many beneficiaries who have expressed gratitude to the Federal Government for remembering them among millions of Nigerians as well as Complaints from employees who have been short-changed by their Company Bosses.

The MSME Survival Fund is one of the laudible initiatives of the Federal Government established to support and protect small businesses from potential vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Scheme broadly encompasses the N30,000 - N50,000 Payrol Supports to 500,000 Employees of MSMEs, 250,000 Free CAC Registration (Formalisation Supports) for unregistered MSMEs, N30,000 Artisan/Transport Supports to 333,000 Artisans/Transporters, N50,000 one time Grant to 100,000 MSMEs and the Guaranteed Offtake Scheme for 100,000 MSMEs.

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