COVID-19 Targetted Credit Facility, NYIF, Scammers on Rampage | Beware

It is quite alarming how viral fraudulent individuals claimimg to be employees or in connection with employees of Nirsal Microfinance Bank demand for money from unsuspecting Nigerians to assistant them secure the COVID-19 Targetted Credit Facility Loan or the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund.

It is also very worrisome how scammers clone the Facebook accounts of people of goodwill who have been guiding and freely assisting Nigerians on how to pull through in the two Schemes or the likes, in a bid to defraud them.

The truth is, no employee of Nirsal Microfinance Bank would request for money from anyone to offer assistance or fast-track approval/disbursement of any of its loans. Follow here https://nmfb.com.ng/whistleblower/  to report any unethical conduct of any Employee of Nirsal Microfinance Bank.

Also, no genuine Nigerian of goodwill would request for money to guide you or promising to fast-track your loan approval/disbursement upon cash payment in any form. If any one does, know that he/she is SCAMMER. Just block such contact immediately or report to Anti-graft Agency.

Here are further guidelines to track your loan approval or disbursement issues even without text messages.


1. Open https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng

2. When it loads, select the type of Loan you applied for. Either SME or Household

3. Enter your BVN. Do not worry, the website is safe. That's the official website of Nirsal Microfinance Bank.

4. A response will be displayed. 

(A) If it pop-up select Bank Name and Enter Account Number, you had obviously made a mistake during your loan acceptance. You entered your Account Name instead of Bank Name. Just do as required and resubmit. 

(B) If it says your Loan has been approved, it will load your details asking you to accept your Loan offer. Proceed to complete the process and enter bank name and your account number. Avoid mistakes here.

(C) If it says 'Your loan has not been approved, check back later, kindly check back later as they said.

(D) If it however displays "BVN does not exist", do not panic. Just keep checking back from time to time as approval is on going and hope is high. Note that Approval is done in batches and not a sole decision of the Nirsal Microfinance Bank. Just be patient.

For Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF):

For uploading/updating of business plan/ Checking of Staus, follow https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng

For loan application, directly follow https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app

New applicants should follow https://nmfb.com.ng/nigeria-youth-investment-fund or  https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/Applicants/New

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