NYIF: Nigerian Youths quash Adedayo's N2Million story, criticise Program implementation

Nigerian Youths have debased  Adedayo's N2 Million Nigerian Youth Investment Fund story as 'Sponsored Story' while criticising the implementation of the program by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, FMYSD. 

Adedayo who had claimed to have recieved a large chunk of N2 Million from the N75 Billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund upon completing all the requisite processes was lambasted by angry youths who alleged connivance with the implementors of the Program.  

"So I just got credited by via - Nigeria Youth Investment Fund NYIF intervention by headed by the able minister , apprently still very much amazed by Cc ", Adedayo stated in a tweet while narrating his N2 Million Journey.

Many of the youths had centered on the clear tagging of Government Personalities and Institutions in his story as the large signpost indicating that the story was crafted to bestow credibility on the program which they stated, is trending in shadows of utter deciet. 

 Throwing punches to Adedayo's story, :

"This is unbelievable! I am highly disappointed with the minister on how he is going about it. Please learn from survival fund under ministry of trade and investment. We are carry alone with the process."

"Nonsense... we applied for this thing, they told us that there will be online training but uptil now No one from my LG or hood got the email this guy received for the training. Gaskiya an raina mutanen Arewa. Gaskiya kunji kunya wallahi"

These and more were the reactions that followed Adedayo in his Twitter Handle.

Many of the Youths through their Social handles have deeply expressed dissatisfaction towards the implementation of the Program by Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development threatening to embark on a National Protest should the Minister, Sunday Dare @SundayDareSD, continue to bury the program to the hatches of scorn.

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