Updated: How I received N2million Nigeria Youth Investment Fund - Adedayo's story

A Twitter user and an applicant of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), Adedayo has taken to his Twitter handle to thank the Nigerian Government and the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) as he receives a lump-cut of N2Million from the N75billion Nigerian Youth Investment Fund to upscale his business.

Narrating his contentment, Adedayo started:

"My story - Covid happened and CBN intoduced the covid 19 loan intervention - I simply ingnored assuming we were about to be bobo'ed by @NigeriaGov, However testimonies from @DrJoeAbah's timeline proved me wrong. Hence I had to stay 'Woke'.

"I had to startegize by putting my ears on the ground for any fresh opportunity.. then NYIF by @NigeriaFMYS came.. Time lines... I registered October , one of the very first set of individuals that applied. The program was officially launched 15th of October 2020.

"I did not get a mail for training until October 31st , I was in the 3rd batch. The training was meant to last for a week. We were grouped by our geographical location. The training was online The training ended November 6. I took the training serious , my lowest grade was 80%.

"Each geographical zone had there own time frame , we had trainers / facilitators from @NigeriaFMYS, I did learn a whole lot from the training. @SundayDareSD @kemiAnnAreola.

"However there is a new development as regards training and application please check out @NigeriaFMYS facebook page to watch some of the videos from the weekly townhall meeting Gabriel Aduda nad@NirsalMFB MD explained in details.

"Later on I was sent my certifacte on the 27th of http://Novemeber. It is however worthy to note that during one of the town hall meetings by @NigeriaFMYS the honourable minister @SundayDareSD mentioned that funds would still be disbursed this year.

"And boom.. I filled my loan application proper Dec 2 after I got an sms. That I have been pre qualified. @BashirAhmaad @akandeoj @woye1 @kemiAnnAreola

Adedayo added that the Nirsal Microfinance Bank called him to ask few questions, later got approval text message and was credited in few days just like a joke.

"@NirsalMFB  Officials called on the 9th of December just to ask a few questions. @cenbank @NigeriaFMYS

"My loan was approved by 18th of December and I accepted the offer letter. @kemiAnnAreola @woye1 @DrJoeAbah @NirsalMFB Just like that o😀

"4 days a later (I counted Sat and Sunday) @NirsalMFB credited my account. The entire process was online... I mean ONLINE and SEAMLESS. 
@woye1 @DrJoeAbah, Please do not be a doubting thomas, Just do it. Thank you @NigeriaGov @NigeriaFMYS."

Adedayo's story served as a motivation to some of the Nigerian youths even though as at then, it attracted negative reactions.

But with the massive prequalification of the applicants of the Nigeria Youths Investment Fund, it is evident that the Programme is about to trend like the COVID-19 Targetted Credit Facility.  

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