Trending now: 774,000 Special Public Works Job begins today

The Minister for State, Labour and Employment, Mr Festus Keyamo had announced in October that the 774,000 Special Public Works Program would commence on the 1st of November following the approval of his request by President Mohammadu Buhari, for the postponement of the commencement date from 1st Octbober, 2020 to 1st November, 2020. 

Mr Keyamo while announcing the postponement noted that the approval was based principally on his memo to the President informing him that most of the proposed project sites were still water logged and the rains have not reduced, while the programme was designed to be executed during the dry season.

“It is believed that by the 1st of November most of the project sites would be ready for work,” Keyamo stated.

In preparation for the official kick of the Program earlier before today, selected banks had opened bank accounts for the Beneficiaries craftly picked by the State Selection Committees across the Federation at 1,000 beneficiaries per LGA and had recieved their account numbers.

However, the special assistant to Mr Keyamo on media, Tunde Moshood, disclosed to Leadership News correspondent over the phone that a formal launch of the program will be next Friday, November 6.

He said, “Yes, it is going ahead. November 1st is Sunday, so there can’t be an official lunch on Sunday”.

Mr Moshood noted that the Minister of state for Labour and Employment , Festus Keyamo will openly declare the commencement of the programme in Delta.

The 3 months program in which each successful beneficiary would be paid a monthly stipend of N20,000 is part of the President Mohammadu Buhari's palliative measures to cushion the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable Nigerians.

Those engaged in the program would be involved in mild activities such as clearing of gutters, clearing of market square, traffic control and other minor activities that would be assigned to them as a necessity in each of the States of the Federation.

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