FMARDPace: Again, Enumerators lament unfair treatment, delayed remuneration; to embark on a National Protest

The Enumerators of the Agric for Food and Job Plan Program of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Collaboration with the Project for Agriculture Coordination and Planning (FMARDpace) have once again lamented the unfair treatments cum inceasant delay of payments that have bedevilled the implementation of the Program since inception.

In a tweet, today, by the union of the Enumerators across the Federation, "36 States & FCT Enumerators Forum", they had condemned the intrigues they described as 'Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop' which had periled their enthusiasm towards the laudable initiative of the Federal Government; threatening no pay, no more work and a National Protest.

The tweet reads:

"From All Of Us The 36 States and FCT Enumerators. We categorically made this clear to you that no any genuine Enumerator is going back to the field to recapture BVN details of the Farmers for the following reasons;

  • The Farmers and the Enumerator lack confidence in FMARDPace.
  • We worked sincerely without any logistics such as transportation and data subscription, yet we faced such amount of injustice as a result of our sincerity and dedication.
  • We risked and exposed our lives to deadly wild animals. Some of us were injured, many had accident on their way to the far bushes and yet we were giving less regard by holding our payment for five (5) months without any genuine reasons.
  • 40 percent of Enumerators have not been paid single kobo right from the onset of this exercise.
  • Billions of naira were budgeted for the enumeration exercise. Why still finding it difficult to settle enumerators their money.
  • Enumerators were not paid for the work done in the past five (5) month. How do you expect us to be f**led again to go back to the field and do what we are not certain justice would be done to us at the end.
  • What confidence do the farmers have in the Ministry as we are in harvesting period, do not f**l the farmers.
  • Considering the excellent performances of other ministry, we can say FMARDpace  deliberately failed to fulfil their promises for reasons best known to them because the benefits affect the masses directly.
  • Payment is our concern than going back to an uncertain contract which we believe justice would not be made at the end of it.

"Therefore, we call on FMARDPace to pay us this week otherwise there will be a massive protest to clear doubt and to show to the world the injustice Enumerators faced for working with sincerity. And no amount of pleading or sweet words from the ministry will stop us from embarking on this protest." 
#Enough is #Enough!!
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The Emumerators had in September decried the inaction of the FMARDPace noting that it was clearly stated at the outset of the project, that the Enumerators would be paid the sum of N500 per each successfully uploaded and accepted farmer in two trenches: half of earning in a week to be paid at the end of every week and remaining halves of the duration of the project to be paid as a whole sum, one month after the completion of the project, while planning for a legal action.

According to the Enumertors, their payments were not only partially released after their outcry but to be subjected to Farmer's BVN capture, an exercise that is outside their initial agreement, in starvation and lack of welfare.

The Enumerators in the tweet unanimously agreed on the discontinuation of their activities until their outstanding payments are cleared, not later than this week, or they take their voices to the streets through a National Protest.

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