SMEDAN Business Registration: SMEDAN replies to complaints on website inefficiency

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria, SMEDAN, which began a massive business registration for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria, had some technical difficulties which had lingered lately.

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Reacting to complaints on several issues presented to the technical support team, they stated as follow:

1: Applicants having issues of Certificates, their Certificates would be delivered in few days.

2. Applicants having issues on their Registration should always refresh their pages and ensure a steady network to ease the registration process.

3. Registration Correction: Applicants who made mistakes during their application should not worry as a dashboard will be available very soon where every applicant who had wanted to correct any detail would do so effectively.

The Agency while enumerating several benefits of registering ones business in the free registration portal noted that they have a target of registering above 10 Million MSMEs in Nigeria which whould be direct beneficiaries of MSME related programs from the Government or Private organisations upon recieving a Unique Identication Number and Certificate. 

The SMEDAN Unique Identification Number SUIN is a significant requirement for accessing the N75Billion MSME Survival Funds intiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to cushion the effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Micro, Small and Medium Entraprises in Nigeria.

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