Trending now: SMEDAN begins mass MSMEs online registration -Registered businesses to have access to grants and more

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) has announced the commencement of mass registration of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with the expectation of registering above 10 million MSMEs in Nigeria.

According to the information contained on the Agency's official website, the mass registration exercise will facilitate the development of a comprehensive database for MSMEs in Nigeria, and each MSME will have a Certificate and a Unique Identification Number created for them which would enable critical stakeholders in the private and public sectors to provide them with the necessary support, policies and programs tailored for them. 

It added that Registered MSMEs will be the direct beneficiaries of various SMEDAN programs, as well as other public and private sector organizations.

The Agency has encouraged MSMEs in Nigeria to ensure the registration of their businesses as they would also be entitled to the following benefits:
  • Access to the SMEDAN Conditional Grant Scheme (Grants of up to N50,000 per MSME). 
  • Priority funding from public and private sector financial institutions, including International Donor Agencies. 
  • Empowerment Programs and Entrepreneurship Training.
  • Business Insurance.
  • And Many More!
To know more about SMEDAN, visit https://smedan.gov.ng/ or http://smedan.gov.ng/news

To register your business 

1. When the website opens, fill in your Business Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Password and Password again, and click 'Get Started.'

2. Fill in your other details in other pages and move to next pages by clicking 'Next.'

3. After submission, check your e-mail address for your SMEDAN Unique Number and Certificate.

Note: Use mainly a Gmail e-mail address. 

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  1. The Registration procedure is simple. Follow the instructions on the page.

    The requirements marked with * are highly essential and may not be skipped unlike those without the *.

    Copy your Registration number after submission. Then check your e-mail for your certificate.

    If you have any question, kindly use the comment section here.


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