Shocking: Two lovers commit suicide in Anambra

Two lovers in Okija, Anambra State have taken their lives when they could not get married for either of the partner being 'Osu' (outcast).

The lovers who wrote a long letter before drinking a hazardous insecticide, Sniper, wondered if it was a crime to originate from Okija which still practices Osu in a modern society.

'Osu', a cultural aversion which is loosing it's phalanges of restriction and segration, has been abolished in many communities in Igbo land, not mainly as a result of Christianity, but to avert such heart-breaking situations as the case of the two lovers.

Should 'Osu' still exist in Igbo land?

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  1. If Osu is still practiced in Igbo land, then it's terrible. For Christ sake, love is bigger than anything anyone can think of.

    Anyone coming in the way of love is acting against God and Humanity.

  2. Seriously it's such a terrible situation.


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