Man threatens to burn his Certificates, says Certificates do not work in Nigeria

A Nigerian man, Godwin Joseph Ochie, has threatened to burn his Certificates if he fails to find a buyer for his Certificates while stating clearly that Certificates are useless and do not work in Nigeria.

The Enugu State born graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka had aced the hassles of Nigerian Tertiary Education with Second Class Upper Division in Political Science, but has lost confidence in his Certificates.

His frustration is unconnected to the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria especially youth and graduate unemployment as many Nigerian graduates wallow in the over-saturated labour market without assuring reality of securing a job in a system where a man who does  not know man cannot be counted among the equals, not minding his academic excellence or prowess.

Godwin who completed his National Youth Service in 2012 has remained unemployed and severally advertised to sell his Certificates.


The case of Godwin is just one out of millions of Nigerian graduates who are dying in silence over the biting effect of unemployment in Nigeria after spending huge amount of money to graduate from the Nigerian universities.

The youths are becoming increasingly aggressive and could burst in flames with just little provocation, questioning every sensibly mind, the psychological effect of unemployment and the rise in social vices as the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

In Nigeria, graduate unemployment is alarming. They constitute about 60% of the Nigeria labor supply market. They belong to the “active poor”; active because of the immense youthful energies at their disposal, and are poor because they are either jobless or have jobs that pay less than is adequate for decent living (Uwem and Ndem, 2012). Many of them live on less than $2 dollar a day. They are forced by the circumstances to work under poor, insecure and precarious conditions in the informal economy [Journal].

Graduates are intelligent and creative people with the ability to think critically (Gareth, 2011), and who compete for jobs in the domestic and global labor market places. Graduate unemployment imposes socio-economic costs; it is a waste of manpower resources, the investment in education and training is unused. This study defines graduate unemployment to include graduates of universities and polytechnics who are capable and willing to work but could not find a job or are discriminated against for lack of experience. In this category also includes graduates who have never worked, those who have lost their jobs and seeking re-entry into the workforce, and those who are underemployed or under disguised unemployment [Journal].

It is indisputable that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrests at least 10 youths aged 18-35, who are either graduates or undergraduates of tertiary institutions, every two weeks on internet related Crimes.

It is also indisputable that 98% of Yahoo Boys (Internet Fraudsters) in Nigeria, such as Hushpuppi and many others, are intelligent, ready-to-work but unemployed graduates of tertiary institutions; more than 60% Niger Delta Militants, more than 10% Boko Haram members and more than 70% Political thugs or ballot box snatchers are intelligent, ready-to-work but unemployed graduates.

One wonders if the quest for education, more education serves it's purposes even as PhD and Master degree holders apply for N20,000 unskilled 3 months gutter-cleaning, street clearing, market square clearing 774,000 jobs as advertised by the Nigerian Government.

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