Watch Video of the Outcome of the N-power Protest in Abuja

The protest that rocked Abuja by the beneficiaries of the N-power on the 23rd of July 2020 was remarkably a welcome development as the attention of the Senate President of the Federal Reublic of Nigeria was well represented.

Click here to Watch Video

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The power of youth especial graduates who have been trained in utilising special techniques in deriving home their demands should not be taken as a child's play as the world has changed tremendously.

In a case of National development and transformation, the feasibility of achieving a futuristic nation is impossible if the youths of a country are excluded in the implementation of National Agenda.

The demand of the N-power beneficiaries was welcomed by the Lawmakers while commending the cordination that was steadfast even as a heavy down pour greeted the protest.

In the words of former President Obasanjo, Nigeria will be sitting on a keg of gun powder if their Leaders fail to take care of their youths. It is a clear picture of the future.

The unity that existed between the Northern and Southern Youth N-power Beneficiaries should be considered a change that is in place and a burning desire to reshape Nigeria that will be equall and accessible to all, regardless of background, ethnicity, political class or inclination.

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