Highlights of the Outcome of the Protest held in Abuja by the Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries on the 23rd of July, 2020

  1. Nigerian graduates united with one voice and one mind to secure their future under a heavy down pour that couldn't douse a burning desire, to address the ill treatment given to Nigerian Graduates, the sudden disengagement of N-power beneficiaries amidst COVID-19 Pandamic without a vivid substantial exit plan, delay in payment of stipendd and non payment of stipends, denial of devices to Batch B N-power Beneficiaries and some Batch A N-power Beneficiaries, among others.

  1. The graduate youths who could have been deterred by the heavy down pour soared with tone of youthfulness, chanting songs of determination and desire, melting the minds of passers-by.

  1. Hope was rekindled as the Senate concluded that that none of the N-power Beneficiaries would be thrown out of the programme without comprehensive enhancement scheme in place.

  1. While addressing Npower beneficiaries, the Senate President who was represented by Senator Onor Sandy Ojang, representing Cross River Central, empathised with the beneficiaries for the precarious conditions such as non-prompt payment of stipends, backlog of payments and the news of disengagement amid covid-19 pandemic that they have been subjected to.

  1. Senator Onor appreciated the beneficiaries for the civilised way they conducted themselves while pressing home their demand. Senator Onor Sandy Ogang Speaking On Behalf Of Lawmakers stated:“we have read all the inscriptions you are carrying, arising from your prayers therefore, I can assure you on behalf of Nigerian Lawmakers that all your demands especially the issue of “permanency” would be meant with immediate effect. Youths are the live wire of any Nation and Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari cannot do otherwise but ensure that Nigerian youths are given the desire respect and dignity they deserve.”

  1. Senator Onor furthered: ”I am a professor and I know what it takes to be a graduate; hence, let me say that I personally feel embarrassed and ashamed why youths earning a stipend of N30,000 working in Primary Schools, serving as as extension workers, Health Officers and ICT officers will be disengaged from their means of livelihood without alternative jobs or promoted to “enhancement stage” as earlier promised by the government. As Lawmakers, we will follow due process to make sure that you are given a permanent job.”

  1. The National President of Npower beneficiaries, Comrade Pelumi Aliyu pointed out: “it is unfortunate that enemies of President Muhammadu Buhari who are against his laudable initiative of Npower are using Media to lie and promote propaganda against the ever committed, grateful and faithful Beneficiaries which he stressed now lead to
    staggered payments and backlogs of many months.”

  1. Aliyu He noted that during 2019 election, stakeholders of Npower to include Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Mr Afolabi, Minister Audu Ogbeh among others have said that, a vote for President Muhammadu Buhari, guaranteed permanency. He however lamented that since Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq took over the programme, it has been tension in the air as her coming has not elevated beneficiaries in any way rather championing the campaign of disengagement.

  1. While thanking the Senate representative for giving them listening ears, Aliyu also saluted his colleagues who have traveled from across the 36 states of the Federation to be at NASS Headquarters, Abuja.

  1. The beneficiaries further protested across major streets in Abuja including the federal Secretariat and the office of Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq who pretended not to be in the office while the presence of her official car suggested she was in the office.

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