Kogi State N-power fumes, writes President Buhari


We, the N-power beneficiaries in Kogi Central Senatorial District once again aerate our unreserved appreciations to the President, Muhammadu Buhari and the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo for understanding the plights of the unemployed Nigerian graduates.

Your Excellency, it is a no waste of time if we remind your highly exalted esteemed office, the number of complaint letters or entreaties directed to your office by N-powers across board in recent times to re-assess and rescind the decision of the Minister to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Social Development and Disasters Management to retire or sack the N-powers at the twilight of hardship occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria. A decision many of us considered an attempt to alienate and reduce Nigerian graduates to nothing but mere street loafers, to our dismay, those complaints has not been sufficiently or adequately addressed by your revered office.

Sir, having carefully studied the decision of the Minister, this organization, an annex of the Expanded N-powers' Council from Kogi Central and indeed a good majority of the 2016/2017 beneficiaries, is quite worried because it portends far reaching security implications not only to the society but also to our people and the cry against unemployment rates, idleness and social unrest among our teeming graduates. We, are therefore, compelled by circumstances to pitch our tent with the Expanded N-power Council's National on-going agitations for the intervention of the Federal Government of Nigeria to either rescind the decision until the said transitioning preceding is completely done or make a concerted reasonable amount of money for us as exit package if we must resigned now!

Your Excellency, we doubt if the sons & daughters of any house Member of Representatives, Senators and even Ministers are still in Labour market now! Some of us graduated and have our Masters years back before their sons & daughters could be enrolled in schools yet, we beg and cry daily for employment opportunity and the conscience of our leaders doesn't prick them for once.

These bias treatment have generated our minds some pertinent questions: Are we, the Npowers, no longer Nigerians? What have we done to have warranted this sudden u turn and neglect of your campaign promises which states that 'Our Voter's Card is our parmanency'? What have we done to attract this "no mercy exit" at such a critical period, when everything is under lockdown, when hardship and hunger is the order of the day? With these kind of treatment and oppression from our leaders, how exactly would the poors believes in oneness of this country Mr. President?

No place to absorb the N-powers but there is for their sons & daughters. Could this be because we are children of the commoners? Your Excellency, it would not be preposterous to state that man's predilection to want to utilise opportunities in your administration maximally to personal advantage may have informed this 'no mercy sack decision' by Hon. Sadiya for personal pecuniary gains, or, at best, creating a vacancy in an otherwise non vacant position for the replacement of their cronies. As we speak, the on-going N-power batch C slots supposedly, has been shared among the political class.

Your Excellency, after our painstaking involvement in the last elections which resulted to the success of APC as a party and to be human, the eventual discharge and acquittal, and of course, the determination of the sack of 2016/2017 N-powers by the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Social Development and Disasters Management, Hon. Umar Farouq Sadiya, is a sword we can't imagine APC turning on us! Should the 2016/2017 N-powers then be made to suffer for being your lovers and an obedient citizens, who conscientiously exercised their franchises for APC? No! Not when the people who voted against you are right in your cabinets enjoying and reaping our hard earned victory.

Our Prayers:

The political class need eschew corruption, self-centredness and greed to pursue humanity and free-mindedness towards the yawns of the country people. 

They need not shy away from any meaninful compromise and concession to adequately address all lingering issues which are consequent of the people's idleness and joblessness. This will assist us greatly in this country towards forging closer ties, internally, so that we can effectively free our people from the shackles of not only insecurity but economic strangulation which the present situation of the country portends.

Your Excellency, should the Minister implement her sack decision eventually without issuing us permanent jobs in place or reasonable amount of money as exit package and our people finds solace with the use of pens to vent their reservations, the Minister, Hon. Sadiya and all, that took the decision should take the blame.

We humbly reaffirms our belief in constitutional agitations and pursuits and pledge loyalty to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, believing that, as the President of the Federal Republic, and one who is quite unoblivious of the enormity of the implications of Idleness especially among elites, you would ensure that mercies and fairness would prevail in this case.


Comr. Yusuf Ondeku Momohjimoh,
The Interim President,
For and onbehalf of the N-powers,
Kogi Central Senatorial District,
Kogi State.
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Long live Kogi State,
Long live Npowers.

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