FMARDPace concludes first phase engagement of Enumerators

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) Agriculture for Food and job plan project inconjuction with the Project for Agriculture Cordination and Planning (PACE), announced that it has concluded the first phase of the selection process and has selected Enumerators that would initiate the pilot phase of the program.
The selection process was  conducted through the test results of those that have recieved the test links, completed the test and the engagement forms. Applicants who have completed the mentioned processes but have not recieved an onboarding email are advised to follow the below channel to send the required data.

FMARDPace however noted that the application has not ended while encouraging interested Enumerators to apply for the enumeration program as test links would be sent to the next batch of the program in no distant time.

Reacting to prospective Enumerators who have applied but have not recieved the test links, FMARDPace noted that the test is taken in batches while emphasising that update would be made on the date for the next shedule but not on individual request.
In vehement furtherance to enumeration project, the Master Trainers who are to oversee the guiding and coaching of Enumerators in each of the LGAs  of the Federation, have started making contacts with the selected first phase Enumerators.

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