N-Agro Form: What you need to know

There has been rising agitation over system queries recieved by volunteers in the course of filling their forms.

  • If you got this query and you have completed your registration and clicked 'Register', kindly note that you have submitted your form.
  • If you got this pop-up in the course of your registration, also note that you email has been taken and you have successfully registered.
  • There is simply no need to panic if you have given out all the necessary information as required and clicked Register.
  • You only have a problem if you have not been able to open the website to register with the appropriate details.
  • If you tried the site and it's not opening, note that there is a huge traffic on the site since you are not the only one accessing the site. Check back again until you pull through.
  • You will be notified of further action when necessary. 

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