Unprofessional Conducts during Abba Kyari's burial - Watch Video/Photos

A video and pictures warning the public of imminent explosion of Coronavirus infection from the burial scene of Abba Kyari, the late Chief of Staff to the President, have emerged online and vehemently emphazising the unprofessional conducts demonstrated by some of the attendees and those that handled the dead body.

Nigerians have criticized the non-compliance to the social distancing measures as advised by Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), World Health Organisation and other Health bodies. 

Nigerians wondered why professionals were not allowed to handle the dead body as a healthy practice that would protect the attendees of the burial and the general public.

The Ministry of Information and Culture has issued a statement about the action in the Video, emphasizing that the used protective overall has been professionally disinfected and discarded but did not as at the time of this publication issue any statement about the non-compliance to social distancing and other issues raised by Nigerians.

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