5 Things you should not believe from any one this time

1. There is an attempt to institute a New World order: The world is too large for that sh*t.  If it is so easy, it would have been implemented in America during the time of Obama as the President of America. 

That microchip you think would be inserted in people, is it too encrypted that hackers, even Nigerian hackers can't hack let alone Russian hackers of dark web. 

If it will ever happen, it will take ages to happen cos people are ready to die to ensure it does not happen in this world.

25G Network is killing people, not Coronavirus:
People seem not to understand why they maintain self hygiene, home or office hygiene. People think it's just for the sake of 'neatness is next to godliness.'

A lot of people do not know why they fall sick, go to hospitals and doctor or nurse injects one compound that kills the cause -pathogen. 

Radioactive particles are not contagious. Humans do not transfer radiation. Any organism that absorbs radiation does not transfer it to another. These are suspended particules which when released into the atmosphere gets everyone absorbed including other living organisms -animals and even plants.

Why are only humans dying then?

Let's take the sun's radiation for instance, when one absorbs heat from the sun, does one pass the heat to another person? Everyone absorbs the sun's radiation at different ranges depending on the level of exposure.

5G network is in different cities in Nigeria. Why are people not dying massively from the radiatioactive emission then?

If 5G is this dangerous, then we should have seen little effect equivalent to 4G when it was launched.

People do not understand the potency of microbes because they only hear about them when they may have landed in hospitals, and such that the unaided eyes can not see. 

Microganisms especially virus can wipe the whole world with time. This is not the first time we had flu that killed millions of people of the world. We do not have 5G when the world saw the mayhem of influenza, Spanish flu, SARS or Birdflu. HIV is common today because we can now manage it.

When malaria, caused by ordinary protozoan 'Plasmoduim' hit the world, it killed more than a million people before the cure was found.

Microbes can wipe the world. Microbes are why you get sick (except for conditions such as diabetes, long/shortsightedness, Amnesia, etc ), why your soup sour, your cassava ferments, why your dough rise (yeast releasing Co2), why your 'Ogiri' smells and you still eat it, why your animals fall sick, why you have wine to drink, why you have beer in the market, why you have cheese, why you have yogurts, why your faeces decay and disappear, why dead tissues disappear, why manure is formed for agriculture, to mention but few. There are basically dangerous and beneficial microbes.

The dangerous ones (Pathogens), fear them. When you hear the word 'viral', 'go viral'; it's not from radioactivity but from 'Virus.'

3The end of the world has come because God wants to destroy it: Let God not be mocked. God is not a man that it will take him three months or more to destroy the world. A day is enough to collapse this earth.

Come to think of it, how many days did it take God to create this world? Why would it then take God three months or more to close the earth. Why are people being saved? Why is everyone not dying? If God is destroying the world, will he only destroy humans?

Let Christianity focus on propagating love for one another, peace, morals, values and other positive traits other than forecasting when the world would end or not. 

Just like the emergence of Coronavirus was not revealed to anyone, the coming of will be.

4: God wants to punish China for eating everything:
God does not make mistakes. He never made a mistake creating anything. God created animals to supplement the protein need of man. He knows it will be important to man and took a whole day to create them.

By the way, is China really being punished for eating everything? Why is the whole in pain? What's Spain, Italy, USA, France or Nigeria being punished for? Do you not see how people are suffering? Hunger every where; people are indoors even without food to eat. Are chinese the only peope eating snakes, lizards or wall gecko?

God is a merciful God. If God begins to punish humans according to their sins without forgiveness, you and I are not worthy to live.

5: Drinking Alcohol will prevent Coronavirus: Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol. Let me start by saying, not all Sanitisers are effective. An alcohol-based sanitiser that does not have alcohol volume per volume of 65% and above is not effective for a microbe such as virus.

Drinking alcohol of 60% and above is injurious to health especially your liver and other internal organs. I heard people now take alcohol, 1 shot morning, afternoon, night. Most alcohol in the market meant for human consumption is below 45%V/V. That's mild though but the accumulation over time is injurious. 

During the Ebola scare, a lot of people died of salt. Some drank salt, bathed with salt, socked in salt water. You are not marine fish. Alcohol will kill people too during this Coronavirus saga.

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