War of Words: China rebukes Pompeo for calling Coronavirus 'Wuhan Virus'

The Chinese Foreign Minister has on thursday vehemently condemned statements by the U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, where he refered to Coronavirus as 'Wuhan Virus' in a claim that the Chinese Government has been waging 'disinformation campaign' against the virus.

Pompeo while speaking to reporters  on a side line of a videoconference with seven group economic power nations said that the nations are united in opposing 'China's Coronavirus disinformation.'

Pompeo and other members of Trump administration including Trump himself have been frequently using 'China or Wuhan Virus' to address the Coronavirus Pandemic even though the World Health Organisation and other international bodies have officially named the pandemic 'COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease.

This did not go down well with the Chinese Foreign Minister as he spoke through his spokesman, Geng Shuang, noting that Pompeo insisting on using the term 'Wuhan Virus' to stigmatize China and discredit their efforts in an attempt to  divert attention and shift responsibility, has 'a very sinister motive.'

As at 7:37am today, USA confirmed cases has surpassed China's over time climbing as number 1 on the list with 85,594 Confirmed cases. Total Death is 1,300 while recovery is at 1,868.

Coronavirus is so deadly that there are possibilities of reinfection even after recovering from the ailment and will be much encouraged by the highly infectious nature of the disease.

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