COVID-19 Update Today: US Group files $20 Trillion Lawsuit against China, says it's a Bioweapon

An American Lawyer Larry Klayman with his advocacy group 'Freedom Watch' and a Texas Company 'Buzz Photos' have filed a lawsuit against Chinese Government, Chinese Army, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology 'Shi Zhengli' and Chinese Army General 'Chen Wei' on a claim that Coronavirus Pandemic is a Biological Weapon.

In a publication on thursday 26th March, 2020 by Business Today, New Delhi, India, the Plaintiffs have accused China of aiding and abetting death, provision of material supports to terrorists, conspiracy to cause injury and death of US citizens, negligence, wrongful death and, assault and battery.

The American group had cited reports that indicated that there was only one Microbology Lab that handles Advanced viruses like the novel Coronavirus in Wuhan. The Plentiffs has alleged that China linking the statement on Coronavirus to National Security Protocol was a cover up. The group alleged that the virus was designed by China to kill mass population and such Biological weapons have been outlawed since 1925, hence it's release is terrorist related.

Klayman and his Plentiffs also alleged that the Chinese Doctors and Researchers who initially spoke about the Coronavirus out break and raised alarm internationally have been silenced.

COVID-19 out-break as at today has claimed 23,593 lives around the world. Confirmed cases has risen to 520,360 while 123,321 victims have recovered around the world as at today.

China has remain stable with 81,285 Confimed cases and improvenly 71,051 recovery. Death has reduced  drastically with total death at 3,287 encouraging the re-opening of their businesses while other countries are on 'locked down' and  'stay-at-home'.

Death in Italy has rocketed to 8,215 with 712 deaths today. Confirmed cases has surged at 80,589 while recovery rate is at 10,361. This is happening as Confirmed case in USA has hit 79,082 with total Death at 1,143. Recovery rate has dawdled at 1,864.

Spain has overtaken China with 4,143 deaths, 56,197 Confirmed  cases and 7,015 recovery.

As at 7:35pm today, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has taken to their  Twitter handle to report  more 14 confirmed cases. 2 tested positive in FCT while 12 tested positive in Lagos. According the statement in their Twitter handle, 6 were detected in a vessel, 3 were returning travellers into Nigeria and 1 a close contact of an already confirmed victim.


  • Lagos  44
  • FCT      12
  • Ogun    3
  • Ekiti      1
  • Oyo       1
  • Edo       1
  • Bauchi 1
  • Osun    1
  • Rivers  1
Total Confirmed Cases - 65
Total Recovery 3   
Total Death - 1

Africa today has recorded 66 death, 2,328 Confirmed cases and 180 Recovery. South Africa is still topping at 927 Confirmed cases, Zero death and 12 Recovery while Egypt has recorded 20 death, 402 Confirmed Cases and 80 Recovery. Algeria has the highest number of death at 25 in Africa, with 367 Confirmed case and 24 Recovery.

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