COVID-19 in Nigeria: Hunger and Anxiety another Virus

Barely one week of stay-at-home order by the Nigerian Government, Nigerians have taken to their social media channels to express their sadness, fears and hardship meted on them by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A group of Nigerians in a Facebook community 'Portfolio 9' while reacting to a post by Abayomi Olufemi where he asked 'how has the Coronavirus pandemic affected your business' created an avenue for Nigerians to bare their hearts on what has been described as a very terrible situation.

Tosin Olatunbosin-Obagiri while responding to the Facebook post stated,
"Ohhhh, very badly..... Customers showing interest on items but not achievable. Way bill impossible, getting to items location another one. This stay at home should come with a package from Government honestly, we will eat while staying at home. I pray help finds everyone that needs it. It's well."
 Olorunfemi Titilapo added,
'Haaa!!  Very bad. Infact it has ruined my business 😢'
A farmer, Debora Miriam Deshi while reactimg to the post expressed her difficulty in accessing feeds for her birds.
'Difficulty in accessing and purchasing feed for my birds (poultry) which is affecting their growth and general health.'
 A school teacher, Lawal O Abubakar replied;
'I am a private school teacher which means no work no pay. The saddest thing is that they started all this sh*t towards the end of the month. It's so painful, no money.'
 A banker, Ayetti Olori Balogun in her state of anguish stated,
'I can't go to work ...... I work with a Microfinance bank and salary has not been paid. No money again to eat.
Anastesia Michael made a shocking expression of her frustration,
'I am finished. I either go out to do my business and die of Coronavirus or stay at home and die of hunger.'
The situation of Anastecia Michael is the condition of many Nigerians especially huckers, petty traders, food vendors, labourers and other low income earners who eat from hands to mouth.

Mc Byfour Live is a Master of Ceremony. In his reply to the post he stated,
'It's really affecting my business. I am a professional Master of Ceremony but now no events to handle. May God see us through.'
The feelings of MC Byfour is not far fetched as Easter period like other seasonal period witnesses a pile-up of ceremonial activities and usually a money time for MCs, Djs, Event planners, Bridal homes, Cooks etc.

How long will this sad, mental distorting and hypertension-inducing moment last? A lot of Nigerians working in Private sectors; Factories workers, market women, artisans etc who consistitute larger percentage of the Nigerian population may have a worse situation if the fight against Coronavirus Pandemic lasts beyond April, 2020.

A functional delivery system would have worked. Opay, Oride, Gokada, etc would have been great in ensuring delivery of important items while buyers order and pay with their mobile devices, still adhering to COVID-19 safety standards.

A palliative measure, relief materials from every state of the federation would work. In huge antispation from the government, Nigerians are not only waiting for the end of this mayhem, they also need to stay alive and healthy to see the end.

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  1. We are in a loooong thing. The worst is the hike in price of items.


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