NDLEA Assessment Test 2023 Actual Cut-off Mark and Next Stage of Recruitment Process

In furtherance to the on going 2023 NDLEA Assessment Test, many participants are eager to understand the NDLEA Assessment Test 2023 Actual Cut-off Mark. In this Article, we will discuss "NDLEA Assessment Test 2023 Actual Cut-off Mark" as well as "Next Stage of 2023 NDLEA Recruitment Process".

The 2023 NDLEA Assessment Process, designed to evaluate the aptitude, skills, knowledge and quality of the candidates, is divided into two: The Multiple Choice Test (MCT) and The Interview/Screening Process. 

According to a Statement by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on the 2023 NDLEA Assessment Test Website, https://cbtservices.online, "the Multiple Choice Test (MCT) Pass Mark is 80% but constitute 50% of the total Assessment to be qualified for the final Selection".

What this means is the 2023 NDLEA Assessment Test, that is the Multiple Choice Test (MCT), is scored out of 100 marks. For any candidate to pass, the Candidate must score 80% Mark or above.

Again, while a Candidate scores 80% Mark as the NDLEA Assessment Test Cut-off Mark, the candidate has only met 50% of the overal 2023 NDLEA Assessement Process.

This entails that the Next Stage after the Multiple Choice Test, that is the The Interview/Screening Process, forms another 50% of the total recruitment process. So if the the Interview/Screening Process is scored out 100%, a candidate should be able to score 80% or above to pass the the Interview/Screening Process.

Hence, for a Candidate to be successful in the 2023 NDLEA Final Selection, the Candidate must have scored 80% or above in the Multiple Choice Test (meeting the first 50% ( ie half) of the total requirements) and scored another 80% or above in the Interview/Screening Process (i.e. the second 50% (second half) of the overall requirements).

By this analysis, it is important to note that meeting the 80% minimum cut-off mark for the NDLEA assessment test guarantees automatic selection for the next stage of the recruitment process which is the Interview/Screening Process.

The Interview/Screening Process will involve normal oral interview questioning and screening of Credentials (Education Qualifications, Age, Physical fitness, etc) stated during the 2023 NDLEA Recruitment Application.

In conclusion, the NDLEA Assessment Test is an important requirement for the agency's recruitment exercise. Candidates are advised to prepare adequately for the test by studying relevant materials and practicing real 2023 NDLEA Assessment Test questions as we have earlier provided.
While the actual cut-off mark for the NDLEA Assessment Test 2023 has been officially announced to be 80% Pass Mark, candidates should aim to score above the minimum cut-off mark to increase their chances of being selected for the next stage of the recruitment process.

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