National Population Commission Spends N200 Billion in Preparing for the 2023 Census - NAN Reports


The National Population Commission (NPC) said it has spent N200 billion to effectively prepare for the highly anticipated 2023 population and housing census. 

This expenditure is part of the total budget of N800 billion requested from the federal government, covering the extensive preparations spanning over five years. 

NPC's Executive Chairman, Nasir Kwarra, made this announcement during a breakfast meeting with media executives held in Abuja.

High Costs of a Digital Census and Personnel Recruitment

Nasir Kwarra emphasized the significant financial resources required to conduct a digital census, considering the procurement of equipment and data necessary for the exercise. 

In order to ensure the credibility and acceptance of the digital census, the NPC has recruited approximately one million personnel.

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Kwarra reaffirmed the commission's unwavering commitment to conducting a credible and widely accepted census, urging the media to sustain their efforts in publicizing this significant endeavor.

Establishing a Foundation for Future Censuses

Kwarra stressed the importance of maintaining the momentum in the census preparation process, as the NPC's focus lies in laying a solid foundation for future censuses. 

The commission's thorough preparations and meticulous planning aim to ensure the success of the upcoming census while enhancing future data collection processes.

Round-the-Clock Efforts and Quality Dashboard Implementation

Inuwa Jalingo, the census manager, highlighted the NPC's relentless round-the-clock efforts to execute a seamless digital census.

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Jalingo further revealed that the NPC has already established a robust quality dashboard and gathered the necessary data to conduct a credible census, showcasing their commitment to accuracy and precision in the census results.

Advocacy and Publicity for Census Success

Isiaka Yahaya, the director of the Public Affairs Department at the NPC, called upon the media to continue emphasizing the imperative nature of conducting censuses. 

Yahaya emphasized the critical roles of advocacy and publicity in ensuring the success of the census, as they generate awareness and educate the public about its significance.

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