5 Important Facts To Know About Npower Batch C1 and C2 Outstanding Stipend Payment, and January, February, March, April, 2023 Stipends

The Npower Batch C1 and C2 Outstanding Stipend Payment, and January, February, March, April, 2023 Stipends Payment have been a puzzling discussion among the Batch C1 and C2 Npower beneficiaries.

However, there are 5 Facts that have been disclosed by the Npower Management lately as they rally round to ensure that the Batch C1 and C2 Beneficiaries recieved their Stipends as supposed. They are:

1. Outstanding Stipend Payment is Ongoing

Payment of Outstanding Stipends of October, November and December 2022 is ongoing. 

After filling the Npower Validation Form, the initial sorting was made and a good number of the beneficiaries were paid.

The Sorting has continued, and it was observed that some Batch C1 and Batch C2 beneficiaries who filled the form provided a different Account Number, while some did not fill the form as at when instructed.

It was also observed that some Batch C1 and C2 beneficiaries who were paid previously, also filled the validation form.

All these are being sorted, and as a result, payment of Outstanding Stipends have been grouped in Batches. This is to ensure thorough sorting of the beneficiaries, and prevent double payment to beneficiaries who have been paid before.

Each sorted Batch will recieve payment, and Batch by Batch, all the outstanding payments will be cleared within a shortest time.

2. Outstanding Stipend Payment is the reason why January, February, March and April, 2023 Stipends have not been initiated

You may wonder why January, February, March and April Stipend Payment have not commenced. 

Firstly, there will be no December, January, February, March or April, 2023 Stipends for Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries. This is because Npower Batch C1 ended their one year programme in August 2022. However, the Humanitarian Affairs Minister, Sadiya Umah Farouk extended her benevolence to the beneficiaries by paying September, October and November, 2022 Stipends to the Batch C1 beneficiaries.

Secondly, only batch C2 Npower beneficiaries will recieve January, February, March, April, and May, June, July, August, September 2023 Stipends, to cover full Stipend Payment in their 1 year Programme.

The Npower Management had stated that payment of January, February, March, April 2023 Stipends will involve initiating a 3-month bulk Payment of N90,000 to cover for January, February, March 2023.

But why the January, February, March Stipend Payment has not been initiated is because of the October, November and December 2022 Backlogs/Outstanding Payment.

Here is Npower Management's clarification when contacted:

"Payment is made in Batches. We are resolving C2 beneficiaries payment from October to December for now. Other pending payment will commence later".

The October, November and December 2022 Backlogs need to be cleared so that all the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries can be brought together on the same page. This will ensure that when the January, February, March Stipend Payment commences, all the Batch C2 beneficiaries would be paid at the same time.

3. Change of Government will not stop Npower Programme, rather it will improve the Programme

Do not be afraid of the transition to a new Government, it will not affect Npower Programme, and N-SIP in general.

This is because the N-SIP Agency established Bill has ensured the institutionalization of all programmes under N-SIP in the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. 

As an Agency under the Ministry, it will continue to recieve allocation from the Federal Government,  and will continue to empower many young men and women.

What would rather happen is that a new Minister would be appointed to head the Ministry. With the success so far made in the establishment of the National Social Investment Programme (N-SIP), it would record greater heights, lesser errors/delay in Payment, wider coverage as a base has been successfully formed.  

4. Payment of Outstanding Stipends was captured in the 2023 Budget, and has been approved by the Federal Government

Another thing that should be understood by Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries is the fact that Funds for full Payment of Batch C2 Stipends were captured in the 2023 Budget, allocated and available for payment.  

Recently, the Federal Government authorised the payment of all outstanding Stipends due for all beneficiaries of the N-SIP, which includes the Npower Programme.

5. All Beneficiaries will receive full Stipends

So, why panic. All the Beneficiaries both Batch C1 and Batch C2 will be paid in full regardless of whatever delay that may occur at any time. Just be rest assured.

Picture of Happy Npower Beneficiaries 

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